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The McAfee saga's latest bizarre twist - Mail Online (U.K.)

It's been a while since we've posted anything about antivirus pioneer John McAfee and his attempts to evade the Belize police.

The latest news is just as bizarre as the first stories. To recap, McAfee's neighbor turned up dead, and police said they wanted to speak with him. McAfee believes police would kill him and so he hid in the sand, holding a cardboard box over his head to breathe. He then disguised himself to further evade capture.

Today, a story in the Mail Online has McAfee using a body double carrying a North Korean passport who was captured trying to enter Mexico while he (McAfee) slipped out of Belize. The story says McAfee is on the run in Central or South America with a female companion and two journalists from an arts and culture magazine.

McAfee promises more updates.

Read the entire story on the Mail Online.