Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc., a specialty-drug maker in Malvern, today said it had positive results from phase-3 clinical trials of its treatment for a disease that causes fingers to contract.

Xiaflex is being developed for treatment of Dupuytren's contracture, a progressive disease that affects the connective tissue lying beneath the skin in the palm and causes the fingers to curl.

Company vice president William Q. Sargent Jr. said that the disease is found most often in Caucasian men of Northern European descent, and mostly affects men past age 50, but is found in all races.

The company said in a release that it expects to apply early next year to the Food and Drug Administration for a biologics license for Dupuytren's.

Auxilium expects to soon start phase 2 trials on Xiaflex for treatment of Peyronie's disease, characterized by a plaque or hard lump that occurs on the penis.

Company shares were up 92 cents, to $32.45 this afternoon in Nasdaq trading.