A farm crew contractor and the owners of a New Jersey blueberry farm agreed to pay $28,499 in fines to resolve two separate cases involving living conditions for farm workers and child labor.

Brothers Anthony and William DiMeo, owners of Columbia Fruit Farms Inc. in Hammonton, also spent $1.5 million to build new dormitories and shower facilities for the workers at their farm.

The contractor, crew leader Sorel Rinvil, had been cited for using unsafe vehicles and unregistered drivers to bring hundreds of workers from Florida to the farm.

Anthony DiMeo said he has chartered regular licensed buses to transport the workers this season. Several young children were spotted on the fields, the U.S. Labor Department said.

DiMeo's lawyer, Frank Olivo, said the children had run out to visit their parents and were not working. The cases were based on investigations conducted in 2008, 2009 and 2010.    - Jane M. Von Bergen