With the April 15 personal income tax deadline behind us, Pennsylvania taxpayers awaiting refunds can check the state revenue department's online tool "Where's My Refund?"

Any taxpayer can punch in the primary Social Security number listed on the return and the expected refund amount at: www.revenue.state.pa.us. Under the online services tab, select "Where's My Refund?"

Information on electronically filed returns is available within a day or so. Taxpayers who file paper returns should allow six to eight weeks from the date the return was mailed before checking.

For your federal refunds, visit the Internal Revenue Service website (www.irs.gov) and the specific link to find out about your personal tax refund: www.irs.gov/Refunds

As of April 18, about 46 million returns were electronically filed, more than in 2013.

Americans average a federal tax refund of about $3,000, according to certified public accountant David Zalles, of Blue Bell. But roughly 80 percent of all taxpayers overpay, giving the government billions of dollars of interest-free loans.

"Most of these taxpayers apply the overpayment to the following year's estimate, rather than getting an actual refund check," Zalles said. File your return, and then check the website for your estimated refund.

Trimming small caps

W. Daniel Young, managing principal of Wilmington-based Civitas Partners, has significantly cut back on investing in U.S. small-cap companies because: "They have become very expensive. While I would never avoid them, they take a diminished role in my portfolios."

Young added: "I also cut my allocation of medium- to long-term bonds, as the chance of interest rates rising is great. However, I am increasing clients' holdings in municipal bonds because the after-tax return will be greater than taxable bonds." Young is also adding to emerging markets.

Besides managing money, Young is also a professor at Wilmington University, and organized the local "Ted Talks," or TEDxWilmingtonUniversity 2014, held on April 4 at the Wilmington University Student Center in New Castle. The full day of TEDxTalks is available online for viewing at www.inquirer.com/tedtalks.