The Aramark Corp. logo will disappear from the Center City skyline this week, when the food-service giant begins decommissioning the sign atop its current headquarters at 1101 Market St. in preparation for the company's move to its new home farther west.

The sign, which has loomed over the city's Market East section for more than 30 years, will no longer be illuminated after Thursday so it can be disassembled and rehung on its headquarters under construction at the 2400 Market St. site that once housed the Marketplace Design Center, Aramark said in a release Monday.

Aramark's new headquarters, which will share space in a building being developed by Philadelphia's PMC Property Group with the planned Fitler Club membership club, is scheduled to open in the fall.

Thomas Jefferson University said in December that it will replace Aramark as the 1101 Market St. building's anchor and namesake tenant starting in late 2019.