Living/Dining Area:
Do not block balcony views with heavy or large pieces of furniture. Instead make light and functional selections such as a sculpture chair. Unique pieces like these can usually be found in antique shops around town. So invest a little time in the hunt it may pay off big. To give the illusion of high ceilings, incorporate low pieces into seating arrangements. For example, invest in coffee tables that are lower than standard ones. Make sure they don’t look out of scale with the rest of your furniture.

Dining Area:
Chose form and function. Light scale furniture like glass tables and light-weight chairs are functional without crowding a space.

These days it is common for one room to double as two. To incorporate more than one function in a space, for example an office in a living room, make sure the office furniture ties in with the look and feel of the living room. Use a desk that doesn’t look like it belongs solely in an office. Also, the desk chair can be used as additional seating for your living space.

Don’t clutter balconies with too many potted plants or furniture advises Fernandez. Small spaces call for central focus. One beautiful specimen will do to achieve that outdoor sensation. Feeling boxed in? For the illusion that the space can go on forever, clear glass balcony enclosures instead of standard metal or concrete railings are the best bet.

Living Area/Entry:
Separating large rooms with low pieces instead of large-scale pieces or solid walls helps with the fluidity. The custom two-sided bookshelf serves as a library for the office and it creates a decorative barrier from the entry to the living areas.

In the entry large pieces with a lot of storage are great. Tuck necessities away in a showpiece to diminish clutter and set a mood immediately upon entry.

Master Bedroom:
Beware the headboard that can sometimes make bedrooms and beds look heavy. For a good alternative, try large, decorative pillows for support hang a large art piece above them. Decorative baskets (large in scale) are a great and economical way to store bedtime reading material such as books and magazines. Tucking them under a sitting bench will also economize on space. Also remember that using neutral colors can help to make bedrooms more tranquil, while red and orange shades will heat up the room and may feel a bit claustrophobic.