Given Philadelphia's monthly position among the most expensive rental markets in the nation, it may be less than a shock to learn that renters in the city aren't exactly thrilled with their lots in life. What is somewhat surprising is the fact that "affordability" is among the more positive things Philadelphia renters have to say about their living situation.

Apartment List recently surveyed more than 45,000 renters nationwide as part of its annual survey. Boston, Denver and Charlotte, N.C., finished at the top of the list, while Baltimore, Memphis, Tenn., and Detroit were at the bottom.

Overall, Philadelphia finished with a so-so C+. For context, so did New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Within the commonwealth, it's another story. Renter satisfaction might be the only survey in which Philadelphia loses out to Allentown (which finished with a  B+). We're also behind Pittsburgh (B+) on the Pennsylvania satisfaction scale.

Digging into the Philadelphia data shows that renters who are parents are more dissatisfied and give the city a F. Millennial renters gave Philly a C. All of which — unsurprisingly — comes down to concerns about local schools, which respondents rated with an F.

The survey also measured opinions on safety and crime, career opportunities, recreational activities, weather, taxes, transit and affordability. The local market fared well for affordability (B), recreational opportunities (A-), and social life (B+). But a D in safety, a C in weather, and a D in taxes brought down the overall rating.

Among all the categories graded by renters, just one received an A+: public transit. Next time your bus is late, take a deep breath and thank SEPTA for pulling us up in the national rankings.