There has been interesting movement in the Philadelphia rental market recently, with new neighborhoods breaking onto the city's most expensive list. Now Apartment Guide has released the top five most popular neighborhoods for Philadelphia renters.

Researchers at the rental agency looked at the most-searched-for neighborhoods on their database to reveal five of the most popular communities. The firm identified University City as the most popular rental neighborhood, which isn't surprising considering that students have to live somewhere. What was more interesting is that their data show one-bedroom units there typically rent for about $2,385 — far above the city median. The list also includes behemoth neighborhoods of West Philadelphia and South Philadelphia, also home to plenty of students and millennials who have been priced out of the housing market.

The list also included Chestnut Hill, which researchers cite as an affordable rental market. By their calculations, one-bedroom units there go for about $1,377. Readers might find that surprising, given the home values in the ritzy neighborhood, but they should not forget that Chestnut Hill College students need to live somewhere, too. East Falls, which surged in rental pricing this summer, is also included in the list, perhaps on the strength of the Thomas Jefferson merge with Philadelphia University.

The most searched Philadelphia neighborhoods on

  1. University City
  2. Chestnut Hill
  3. East Falls
  4. West Philadelphia
  5. South Philadelphia