Philadelphians — and renters from the 50 largest cities in the nation — were asked to rank their city for overall satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, locals love Philadelphia's recreation and  social life options but feel less bullish about the schools, taxes and crime. The highs and lows produced an overall C+ for the city, according to the latest Apartment List Renter Confidence Survey.

One surprise is the top grade grabber of the 11 dimensions: public transit. Maybe renters are into the app, or they really like the Dude, It's Rude campaign. Personally, we think it's the diligent work of the @septa_social crew. In any case, the agency rated A+ with voters. Recreation received an A-, and social life rated a B+. On the other end of the spectrum, schools received an F, and taxes and crime both ranked a D.

Philadelphia did not hold up well in comparison with Pittsburgh (B+). Even more shamefully, we also finished behind Allentown (B-). We did hang closely with other similar cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami (each received a C+).

Nationally, safety, job opportunities, social life and recreation were the four most influential factors measured. Scottsdale, Ariz.; Irvine, Calif., and Boulder, Colo., finished with the most A's, while Tallahassee, Fla.; Stockton, Calif.; Detroit and Newark, N.J., were at the bottom of the class.