Alessandra Phillips loves a good renovation project.

"There is something rewarding about bringing a home back to life, then moving on to the next project," she said.

In 2009, she was drawn to a three-bedroom home in Fairmount with exceptional light and a location she found convenient to a nearby park but also to Center City.

After making settlement, she got to work making changes cosmetic and functional.

Jen Golden

"I updated the upstairs bathroom, which was fun," she said. "I also updated the major systems and the roof, which are necessary."

She also replaced the front door, which revealed some original details.

"One fun fact was that the original carvings around the door had been hidden under aluminum siding for decades," she said.

Phillips said she particularly enjoys the first-floor layout and reading in the living room.

"There is enough space on the ground floor to throw a good dinner or cocktail party, but it's cozy enough to hang out with a few friends," she said.

Jen Golden

Having owned in the quickly developing neighborhood for eight years, Phillips has witnessed some big changes.

"There are many more amenities now," she said. "Such as a supermarket and coffee shops, as well as established businesses."

Despite the changes, she said, she has remained happy in the community.

"It's a neighborhood that attracts a lot of young families, and I've always felt welcome here by old-timers and new residents alike."

With all that said, Phillips is ready to move on to her next renovation.

"My first house was a trinity in Washington Square West, and my second was a craftsman bungalow in Minneapolis." Her third is to-be-determined.

The home is listed by Holly Mack-Ward at Coldwell Banker for $389,000.

Jen Golden