Aaron Krause, the Voorhees creator of Scrub Daddy, the smiling cleaning pad that became the most successful product on ABC's Shark Tank, has teamed with British inventor Piers Ridyard to create a battery-packed belt that can charge mobile phones.

A Kickstarter campaign to support development of The Ion Tech Belt and to gauge its market appeal launches Friday.

Krause and Ridyard, creator of Nifty MiniDrive, a data-storage add-on for MacBook, have formed Ion Tech Wear for the belt project and possibly other wearable technology.

With their propriety Encapsulpak technology, Krause and Ridyard have built a USB plug built into the belt's fine leather, enabling the recharging of phones and other compatible devices from pants pockets within 1.5 hours. The belt comes equipped with lithium ion batteries. A USB plug in the belt buckle enables the belt to be recharged from a wall adapter or laptop.

The Ion Tech Belt will sell for $99 on Kickstarter, with shipping to backers expected in June.



– Diane Mastrull