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Benjamin's Desk is no more - in name, anyway

Benjamin's Desk, a Philadelphia-based operator of co-working spaces, has merged with 1776, a Washington-based public-benefit corporation, taking its name but influencing its logo.

The new logo includes a nod to Benjamin s Desk: a kite in the 6.
The new logo includes a nod to Benjamin s Desk: a kite in the 6.Read more1776

Nearly a year after announcing plans to merge, homegrown coworking-space chain Benjamin's Desk and Washington-based 1776, a public-benefit corporation focused on encouraging start-ups to solve complex problems, made their partnership official Thursday, marking the occasion by launching a new incubator space in University City and shelving the "Benjamin's Desk" name and logo.

"We're saying farewell to the brand that served our Philadelphia-based members so well over the past six years," said Benjamin's Desk co-CEO Jennifer Maher, who now has the same title but under a different company name: 1776. Her comments were made in a statement issued Thursday.

As a nod to Benjamin's Desk, the 1776 logo was slightly changed to include a kite image within the 6, and a tagline: "Where Revolutions Begin." That is a reference, in part, to "the disruptive work of member companies engaged in markets that often face regulatory scrutiny," according to the statement.

With a focus on the Northeast Corridor, 1776 says it is investing in cities "often overlooked by investors, by the media, and by talented people whose skills can change the world."

Benjamin's Desk's focus was on physical work space, with seven sites and more than 1,000 members; 1776's was on its software platform to help early-stage businesses connect with others, as well as mentors and investors throughout the world.