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AP: Boom! Studios offering up Stan Lee comics app

PHILADELPHIA - Stan Lee, whose career writing comic books has run from the golden age to contemporary times, is going digital.

PHILADELPHIA - Stan Lee, whose career writing comic books has run from the golden age to contemporary times, is going digital.

Boom! Studios said Monday that the man who helped create modern marvels like the Fantastic Four and X-Men will see his current crop of comic series available online and on mobile devices through his own app by way of the Los Angeles-based comic and graphic novel publisher.

Dubbed the "Stan Lee Boom! Comics App," the program is being offered through Apple's iTunes app store. Lee's superhero comic series "Soldier Zero," "The Traveler" and "Starborn" are also being made available through it and through Boom!'s own app.

The comics come with a free preview of the first issues but cost $1.99 for subsequent issues. The iVerse Media-developed app will also be linked to Lee's Twitter musings.

The titles will also be available for download on desktops, including Windows and Mac, through ComiXology,, iVerse and MyDigitalComics.

The three new series, penned by Lee, made their debut last year in association with his company, Pow! Entertainment.

Lee said that given the proliferation of comic books into the digital sphere, it made sense to bring his own titles to market that way, too.

"What's great about releasing this app is that it enables us to bring the joy and wonder of comics to the mobile fan and a whole new generation of readers," Lee said. "Comics are a medium that transcends age, appealing not only to today's young readers, but older ones as well. And by giving them an unprecedented level of access, we're ensuring that the fantastic stories, characters and worlds found only in comics will endure for many years to come."

Digital comics have gained popularity and acceptance in recent months with most, if not all, major publishers - DC, Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, Zenescope Entertainment, among others - embracing the platform. It lets comic readers carry their favorite titles on their phone or access them on their laptop without having to cart around numerous issues.

Boom!, whose roster of titles include "Irredeemable," "Dracula: The Company of Monsters" and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?," has put its lineup in its own app, too.

"With the easy accessibility of digital comics, we're excited to be able to turn everyone with a computer, iOS or an Android device into a lifelong comics fan," said Chip Mosher, marketing director of Boom! Studios. "Anyone who's ever been curious to try comics now has the power to read them instantly with just a click of a button."