, the Philadelphia-based technology news and events network, announced today that it has hired a new editor-in-chief to lead its ambitious expansion into Delaware and Washington, D.C.

Zack Seward, 30, who has served as a technology and innovations reporter for WHYY's NewsWorks, will take the reins of the's news operations on June 3. Cofounder Christopher Wink said, founded in 2009, was inundated with 250 applications for the job.

"Zack is joining us to take what we've done in Philadelphia – and what we've started on in Baltimore and Brooklyn – and expand on it throughout the Northeast Corridor of the United States," Wink said.

Seward said he will continue to contribute radio reports to NewsWorks, which already has an alliance and partnership with Philly.

"It's exciting to be part of a growing team," said Seward, who described Philly as "the paper of record for the local tech and innovation community."

Wink said Philly garners about 100,000 page views a month. The Baltimore and Brooklyn websites receive "half as many" page views but the Baltimore operation has been in operation for only two years and the Brooklyn office for only six months.

"We have a niche audience that is highly targeted and highly relevant. We're going to continue to push those boundaries," Wink said. "We're small by advertising-based models, but we're not ad-based. We're dependent on having the right people in the room."

Wink acknowledged that there might be some confusion in naming Seward.

"There are two Zack Sewards in the tech and innovation world," Wink said. Zach Seward, about the same age, is the former outreach editor for the Wall Street Journal and is currently senior editor at Quartz, an online news website.

One way to tell the difference:

"Our Seward spells his first name a "k," Wink said.

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