Time to spit-shine your retinas, Appleholics. It's iPhone X release day.

From Australia …

… to the Walnut Street Apple store in Philadelphia …

People stood, sat, and slept in lengthy lines to be among the first to buye Apple's latest iPhone, with its hefty $1,000 price tag. This one is all screen; built from "surgical grade" stainless steel in case you need to remove an organ to pay for it. It's water, dust, and poor-people resistant and takes a wireless charge.

The phone is intuitive. It recognizes your face (thumbprints are so last iteration) and will probably compliment your new haircut. The facial ID technology will allow you pay your bills with your face and allow you to turn that face into a lifelike animoji. Of course, there are also deeper pixels, not only more colorful, but more philosophical.

The new phone may also be used to make phone calls.

Excitement for the new mega-toy was so palpable that in New York, people waited outside a fake Apple store that pranksters had transformed from a subway elevator.

A man in Malaysia allegedly waited three days for one of the new phones.

In Boston, this man became a news celebrity.

In Pasadena, it was hard to tell the iPhone shoppers from the homeless, except for the lawn chairs.

And by the way, the Animoji technology works incredibly well.

(Not among those spotted in Philadelphia's line on Walnut Street: former Mayor John F. Street)