Philadelphia International Airport had 87 flight cancellations and some delays Monday due to the winter storm. Officials asked travelers to check with their airlines, or go online at to check the status of flights.

"We are currently experiencing some departure delays, and specifically delays in arriving flights up to 75 minutes at this time," said Philadelphia airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica.

US Airways, Philadelphia's dominant airline, canceled 41 flights Monday, a little less than 10 percent of its daily departures, said US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher.

Thirty-nine of the cancellations were "express" flights on regional aircraft in Terminal F. Some early morning flights took 90 minutes to 120 minutes to get airborne, due to deicing the aircraft. "But we are quickly getting back to normal operations," Lehmacher said.

"All 12 inbound trans-Atlantic flights from Europe are currently early or on time with the first scheduled arrival from Dublin at 1:16 p.m. - 44 minutes early," Lehmacher said.

Airports in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore also had flight cancellations and delays due to the snowstorm.

- Linda Loyd