Low-wage workers at Philadelphia International Airport, who are employed by airline and airport subcontractors, will rally Wednesday morning to demand that their employers, Prospect Airport Services and PrimeFlight Aviation Services, pay them the $10.88 an hour wage approved by Philadelphia voters in May as well as the right to form a labor union without interference.

The workers, including sky caps and wheel chair attendants, plan to visit the airport offices of PrimeFlight and Prospect. "In May, the people of Philadelphia voted overwhelmingly to give us a raise, but after four months we're still waiting," said aircraft cabin cleaner Damian Kirven.

On May 20, Philadelphia voters approved a "living wage" ballot question that increased the minimum wage for employees hired by subcontractors with city contracts and leases. The vote amended the city's Home Rule Charter. A coalition of labor, faith, and community groups has been outspoken on behalf of low-paid subcontracted employees.

- Linda Loyd