Lots of vacation trips, on-site gyms, personal trainers, and paintball excursions are among the many benefits that companies offer. Some throw out the dress code. We asked about special perks and incentives that employers are providing. These are partial responses:

Shire P.L.C.

Benefits include a free on-site gym, bi-weekly deliveries of locally- and sustainably-grown produce through the Farm-to-Shire program, two on-site cafeterias, on-site conference center and catering, dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, and priority parking for eco-friendly vehicles.

Toll Bros. Inc.

All employees can reserve luxurious Toll Bros. guesthouses in fabulous locations. Guesthouses are available all year round, and employees are encouraged to invite family and friends to experience the Toll Bros. lifestyle. On their 10th anniversary, employees receive an expenses-paid trip for two to a destination of choice.

Don Rosen Imports

As a reward for meeting company goals, we often rent out local go-kart tracks, or take employees paintballing or zip-lining.


The benefits our employees talk about most though are less formal. We don't have a dress code - employees are just asked to use good judgment. We have breakfast every Friday and catered lunches once a month. Throw in a company holiday party, a summer BBQ, and potluck lunches - we offer a lot of free food! Since we offer so much food, we also sponsor a wellness program to encourage employee health and fitness with prizes, dietitian and strength training consultation.

Empathy Lab L.L.C.

We provide continental breakfast (two times per week), lunch (once a week), and beverages (every day) to keep you fueled and personal training (once a week) to keep you strong.


Accenture offers flexible work schedules, self-funded sabbaticals, lactation programs for nursing mothers, paternity leave for new fathers, as well as job-sharing and telecommuting options.

The Vanguard Group

Benefits include adoption assistance of up to $12,170 and the ability to buy a week of vacation.

Community Action Agency of Delaware County

Employees enjoy an early dismissal on Fridays. In July, the CEO delivers icy treats to all employees. Employees are rewarded with a gift card or a get-out-of-jail-free card or a thank-you.

Advertising Specialty

Institute (ASI)

ASI provides convenient on-site services and amenities such as Cafe-B with healthy options, Starbucks, Lots of Luv Daycare, dry cleaning, market days, free WiFi, gym reimbursement, $1,000 stop smoking rewards, free fitness, and family and financial basics workshops. Jeans and sneakers every day.

Asher & Co. Ltd.

It's not all work and no play - Asher holds Opening Day tailgating parties for baseball and football season, plus an April 15 celebration and subsequent office shutdown.

Ascensus Inc.

Self-defense class, discounts for purchases of Dell computers, AT&T cell phones, insurance discounts, and on-site conveniences such as dry-cleaning services, notaries public, car detailing, oil changes, and postage stamp sales.

Cherry Hill Autos Inc.

Where we are a cut above is in the actual work environment - we are served magnificent lunches several times annually. We are also treated to bagels, spreads, pretzels, pizzas, cookies, homemade cakes, and so much more.

Energy Plus Holdings

Corporate membership to WXPN includes tickets to various concerts and events, as well as paid time off to volunteer at Charles R. Drew Elementary School. Energy Plus colleagues also have the opportunity to participate in monthly "food days" where colleagues bring in a dish to share based on a theme (e.g. picnic food, food that celebrate colleagues' ethnic heritage).

Penn Liberty Bank

Employees may earn additional vacation time for participating in their favorite charity events and supporting company-sponsored events held during nonwork hours. We offer tuition reimbursement up to $2,500 per year toward undergraduate studies and any bank-related courses.

The Judge Group Inc.

Employees in a sales or recruiting position have the opportunity to qualify for a company-paid incentive trip twice a year to exotic locations. Employees who are celebrating their 10-year anniversary within the company are also rewarded with a trip.