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Dan Gross | Dhani lines up with Gore

AS AN EAGLES linebacker, Dhani Jones is used to going green, and now he's been deputized by Al Gore to deliver lessons on "going green" for the environment.

AS AN EAGLES linebacker,

Dhani Jones

is used to going green, and now he's been deputized by

Al Gore

to deliver lessons on "going green" for the environment.

Recently, Jones became one of 1,000 people selected by the former vice president to deliver his "An Inconvenient Truth" lectures about global warming.

Jones tells USA Today that he "grew up outdoors, swimming, skiing, biking. Things are strange out there now. The weather's odd."

Jones told the paper he gets "fired up" for night games by watching Gore's Oscar-winning film. The linebacker was traveling yesterday and could not be reached to tell us when or where he may delivering the lecture or whether he plans to teach his Iggles teammates to be more environmentally friendly.

Gyro guy's Brit-bashing book

"I've never been called a c--- so many times in my life," says Steven Grasse, referring to a nasty word rhyming with hunt, which he says has been tossed at him by a fair share of Englanders of late. The marketing maven behind Gyro Worldwide, Grasse cleverly began promotion of his new book, "The Evil Empire: 101 Ways that England Ruined the World," in England, where he's been extensively covered by the London press. He appeared on the telly and received tons of hate messages online and by mail to the local Gyro offices.

"It's all based on fact," Grasse says of the book, with chapters such as, "They Can't Dance," "They Invented College," "They Supported the Confederacy," and "They're Descended From Cannibals."

"Everything's always blamed on America. Most people don't know anything about history. Everyone who knows anything about the past knows the British empire greatly influenced everything we do today," Grasse says.

Grasse, who is of English descent on his mother's side, says the book, ultimately about "the culture of blame," should be taken semi-seriously, not too seriously. Grasse's goal is to get on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report."

Ben Franklin's kids keep busy

Ralph Archbold, the city's premiere Ben Franklin impersonator, said Monday that every three weeks, he ships four dozen cookies from the Famous 4th Street Deli (4th & Bainbridge) to his son Kenneth, an Army captain serving in Iraq. Archbold attended a reception at City Tavern (138 S. 2nd) honoring chef/owner Walter Staib, who was given the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit by the consul general of Germany on Monday night.

Archbold's son Mike and daughter Marie-Claire are now publishing a historical newspaper called Past Times, which Mike says covers "stories from American history that are lesser known," saying he picked up his fascination with history from his father. To check out the paper, visit

Anyone for tennis?

Middleweight champ Bernard Hopkins is expected at Friday's Rally on Ridge at the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center (Ridge & Schoolhouse) in East Falls.

So are Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Bernie Parent and Joe Watson, Fred Barnett and Mike Quick.

Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins co-hosts with tennis commentator and writer Bud Collins. A number of tennis pros will also be on hand. Tickets are still available by calling 215-487-3477.

Shyamalan spotted . . . or not?

In a mystery worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan film, Fairless Hills postal carrier Brian Praul swears he saw the director yesterday peeking around the old USX Steel Mill off Route 13. Could Shyamalan be scouting locations for "The Happening," which stars Mark Wahlberg as a man leading his family's escape from disaster?

The director's office says he was not in Fairless Hills yesterday, but it did not provide an answer about whether the site was being considered. Shyamalan filmed his "Lady in the Water" at the old 3M factory in Bristol, building an apartment building and swimming pool on its lot.

Most important meal of the day

Phillies 2nd baseman Chase Utley and his wife, Jennifer, enjoyed breakfast yesterday at the Morning Glory (10th & Fitzwater). Among the faves of Phemale Phils Phans, Utley was widely unrecognized during his meal. *