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Tattle: Jay-Z sez: To articulate, matriculate

If you're an amazing athlete, musician or artist, staying in school may not help you with your career. But most people aren't one-in-a-million talents. They need an education.

If you're an


athlete, musician or artist, staying in school may not help you with your career. But most people aren't one-in-a-million talents. They


an education.

Jay-Z gets that.

So even though he didn't graduate high school, he's not recommending that as a path to wealth and fame.

Beyonce's husband announced yesterday that he will perform two shows at Carnegie Hall in February to benefit the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way of NYC.

"Education is super important," he said. "For me to articulate, I had to have some form of schooling to articulate my thoughts."

The wealth of the musican-entrepreneur is estimated to exceed $450 million.

The concerts will be Feb. 6-7. Tickets in the private sale range from $500 to $2,500.

Marley whine

Richard Booker

, half-brother of reggae legend

Bob Marley

, said yesterday that he will fight a lawsuit that seeks to stop him from using Marley's name and image without official authorization to promote an annual Miami music festival and other ventures.

Booker, whose mother, Cedella Booker, was also Bob's mom, mon, said an internal family dispute should not have escalated into a legal battle. The suit was filed last week in Miami on behalf of a Bahamian company that represents Marley's widow, Rita, and nine of the late superstar's children. It asks a judge to stop Booker from using Marley's name, image, lyrics and other intellectual property unless he reaches a licensing agreement to do so with the family company, Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd.

"I am heartbroken by what is happening," Booker said. "In defense of this case, I am honoring my brother and our mother, whose memories I cherish each day."

"Mr. Booker's sympathetic position is that he is honoring his brother Bob Marley by taking something he does not own and exploiting it for his own personal gain," said Jill Peitrini, attorney for Fifty-Six Hope Road. "We don't call that honor; we call it infringement, and we look forward to defending our claim in court."


* Congratulations to everyone

at WHYY's "Fresh Air," which iTunes has named "Best Audio Podcast" for 2011.

"Covering everything from

current events and historical

exploration to the performing arts and pop culture," iTunes said, "this Terry Gross-hosted interview and reviews show both

entertains and informs."

Blur are to be honored at the

2012 BRIT Awards with a prize celebrating two decades of influence on British music.

Two decades? It's all gone by so quickly.

* The Hollywood Reporter says

Tony and Ridley Scott have lined up Lauren Ambrose, Steven Pasquale, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, James Woods and Geena Davis for A&E's reboot of the medical thriller "Coma."

This is as opposed to the grammarian thriller, "Comma."

The two-night miniseries is set

to bow Memorial Day 2012. It will shoot quickly in Atlanta.

The original 1978 Michael Crichton film based on Robin Cook's book starred Michael Douglas and Genevieve Bujold. Willow Smith, daughter of

Will and Jada, says she's hoping

to inspire listeners with her April release, "Knees and Elbows."

"It's gonna make them feel like they have control over their lives and can do what they want to do and be the person they want to be," she said.

How much control over your life do you have when you're 11?

* After going on national TV to

announce she was pregnant

with her 20th child, Michelle Duggar ("19 Kids and Counting") has suffered a miscarriage.

Husband Jim Bob Duggar said she is resting comfortably at home and asked for privacy.

* For all you atheists and agnostics out there seeking proof of a divine being, Salma Hayek said on "The Graham Norton Show" in the UK that when she was a little girl she prayed to Jesus for bigger breasts.

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contributed to this report.