the longtime partner of late Swedish crime writer Stieg Larsson, says he wouldn't have approved of merchandise being linked to the release of a Hollywood adaptation of his bestselling novel "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

Eva told the Associated Press yesterday that Stieg would have used the buzz around his work to call attention to violence and discrimination against women.

"We would never have sold any rights for merchandising," she said. "It has nothing to do with books."

True, but there's nothing that would have stopped him from taking the licensing money and starting a foundation or building a halfway house.

Discount fashion retailer H&M, meanwhile, has released a Dragon Tattoo Collection, created by costume designer Trish Summerville, inspired by Lisbeth Salander - the anti-heroine of Stieg's trilogy.

Eva's concern over all the movie-related folderol is due to her fear that the political dimension of the books, including the feminist undertones, would be overlooked by the hype. She claims Stieg wanted to show that gender imbalances exist even in Sweden, one of the world's most egalitarian societies.

"The oppression of women exists everywhere, this incomprehensible discrimination," she said. Eva said the feminist theme had been partly lost with the novel's English title, which she thinks sounds like "a children's book."

She said the original Swedish title is "Man som hatar kvinnor" - men who hate women.


On the flip side . . .

Lady Gaga

has been voted Entertainer of the Year by members of the Associated Press.

In a statement she said she was "humbled and honored."

"My deepest gratitude to the broadcasters and journalists who've supported me over the years, and in turn, are now supporting the loves of my life: my fans. Thank you for believing in 'Born This Way.' May you continue to brave the dreams of Showbiz."

Gaga narrowly edged out the late Apple founder Steve Jobs by three votes. Many others received numerous votes, including Taylor Swift, Charlie Sheen, Adele and the cast of "Harry Potter." Previous winners of the AP Entertainer of the Year include Betty White, Swift, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert.

TATTBITS * According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tattle's favorite sort-of-local actress, Allentown's Amanda Seyfried, will play uniquely anatomical 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, in "Lovelace," which begins shooting next month in L.A. Peter Sarsgaard will play her husband, Chuck Traynor. Romeo Brown has been cast as legendary New York R&B radio DJ Frankie Crocker. * Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia have called off their engagement and ended their relationship. The couple had been together since, you know, before. No details were given and none are needed. * Pop star Jessie J has a resolution for 2012: Gain more weight. "It's important to know when you need to gain weight, or when you need to lose weight and be healthy," she said." Hopefully she can gain the weight Tattle loses. - Daily News wire services contributed to this report.