Say bye-bye to muffin tops on running trails and yoga mats.

The trendlet

At yoga studios, spinning classes, and in sculls on the Schuylkill, the high-waisted athletic tight - with compression in the tummy, hips, and butt - is helping us look good before our New Year's fitness resolutions start paying off. Some pants are floral. Some are color-blocked. Others feature a funky graphic print. All are cute.

Where does it come from?

Gym rats moved beyond basic black hip-hugging athletic pants after the 2012 Olympics, when the English track team stunned in color-blocked running breeches.

Pants - both athletic and everyday - stayed low-waisted until about 2015, when the fashion world started to embrace the higher waistband: first in skinnies, then in the ubiquitous leggings. By fall 2016, our wide-legged trousers were high-waisted - and pleated! (But that's a different story.)

The athletic (and athleisure world) got the memo quickly. Lululemon and Athleta introduced yoga pants with higher waists and compression elements - as in, holding in the stomach and pumping up the booty - in early fall.

Yoga, Pilates, and SoulCycle studios (read: any studio accessible by ClassPass) often sell brands like Alo Yoga that feature pants with ample tummy coverage. And Philadelphia's Boathouse, a favorite brand of rowers, introduced a high-waisted version of its athletic pant this year.

Who is wearing it?

Runners. Yogis. Rowers. Dog walkers. Happy hour seekers and couch potatoes.

Would Elizabeth wear them?

I already own several pairs.

Should you wear them?

Yes. Especially if you don't want to show us all of your business in downward dog.


Pants are available at Boathouse, $68,