This punchy hue is known for bringing life to many a fashion accessory.

The trendlet

But instead of pairing hot pink with cooler shades of lime green, turquoise, or black, this spring it's mixing well with orange in floral motifs and yellow as part of a sunny stripe. On its own, it gives lips a pretty pop.

Where does it come from?

As one of the most influential designers in fashion history, post-World War I couturier Elsa Schiaparelli turned what she called "shocking pink" into the must-have shade in the 1930s through her design collaborations with artist Salvador Dalí.

Not only was shocking pink central to her clothing designs, but she also treated it the same way Vogue editor Diana Vreeland did red: right into her home decor.

In later decades, hot pink was a mainstay of 1960s psychedelic swirl and '80s neon. During the 1990s, hot pink - and its cousin cotton candy - were a part of the all-things-girlie movement. And in the most recent runway collections of designers like Prabul Gurung and Oscar de la Renta, it reawakened classic accessories.

Hence, the very hot pink lip.

Who is wearing it?

Actresses Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger. Rihanna favors a hot pink lip, as does Katy Perry.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

On my shoes, yes. On my lips, no.

Should you wear it?

Only if you can handle all that pretty.

Monica Burch wears a hot pink lip courtesy of makeup artist Ursula Augustine of Ursula About Phace, 1700 Sansom St., 215-557-1562.