Dear Harry: I have a terrible dilemma. I am now 67, and I need to have my pension to be able to make ends meet. I worked for DuPont for 11 years. The company then sold my division to Ciba-Geigy, and I continued to work for them another four years, adding to my pension all along. Their successor is Novartis. I called DuPont, which referred me to Ciba. They, in turn, referred me to Novartis. In each case, I was told that my pension had been transferred with the original benefits provided for. Novartis says they are in litigation and can't even tell me if they have it. For the last seven months, I have tried phone calls and certified letters to each company to no avail. I need this money to help me keep my head above water in my retirement years. There has to be a way to get it without any more delay.

What Harry says: Mergers can often create problems for years after they occur. The big ones get settled soonest. The ones that affect the employees too frequently are at the bottom of the ladder. This is especially so where there are international situations. I'm sure you're not alone in your dilemma, and that will help to speed things up.

The Department of Labor's Pension Benefit Security Administration was set up to help those in situations where there are pension problems.

They are effective in getting employers off square one. Building a fire under the toes of those responsible for the delay will get results. They will find your pension and get it rolling despite all the pussyfooting by the ones responsible. Contact them at 215-861- 5300. Good luck.

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