Civil rights icon John Lewis, who's been representing Georgia's 5th congressional district for nearly 30 years, will take part in a pre-release signing of March: Book Three, the latest edition in the award-winning autobiographical graphic novel series by Lewis and his co-writer Andrew Aydin.

The event will take place at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse (2578 Frankford Ave.), on Wednesday, July 27 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

"We're excited to have Congressman Lewis coming to visit," Amalgam founder Ariell Johnson told Tattle Comics Guy Jerome Maida. "We were contacted by the March publishers at Top Shelf Productions after we were getting press in the fall as an independently focused comic book shop owned by an African-American woman. It took a while to get all the details ironed out but now we're excited to be the exclusive Philadelphia home for March: Book Three during the Democratic National Convention!

"What better time to give an early release to the third book in this amazing series!" she added.

Congressman Lewis, this year's recipient of the Liberty Medal  from the National Constitution Center, was one of the Big Six of the civil rights movement with James Farmer, Martin Luther King, Jr., A. Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young, and Johnson said, that as the Big Six's last surviving member, he "is our best link to that time period. But he's also shown us that the movement never ended-it just changed. He's an inspiring figure and hearing his story reminds us all of the power of people (to) impact change on their world."

Johnson feels the event is important for her new comic shop as well.

"We pride ourselves on showcasing independent books and works by people of color," she said, "and having this civil rights icon in our shop is a dream come true!

"John Lewis is an American hero who happens to be an African-American," Johnson said. "His story of guts, determination and risk in order for Americans to be treated equally is a story that should resonate with everyone.

"This is such a great opportunity to bring passionate and civic minded folks together . . . and events like this are what Amalgam is all about," she said.


The Democrats may not have any more unity than the Republicans did at their convention, but they are going to have a lot more celebrity bold-faced names.

* Figure skating great Michelle Kwan, the 5-time world champion, 9-time U.S champion and 2-time Olympic medalist, is in town as a surrogate outreach coordinator for Hillary Clinton.

Kwan worked in the State Department under Clinton and is married to Coast Guard officer Clay Pell, who has also worked in the Obama administration.

S.E. Cupp tweeted Sunday: "It's so hot in Philly, I FEEL like a cheese steak."

* Want to see Katy Perry when she takes the stage at the DNC? Txt KATY PERRY to 47246 (Hillary Clinton for America) to tune in when she's on.

If you're more interested in Lena Dunham, she's here too: Text DUNHAM to 47246. You can also text Kareem Abdul Jabbar at KAJ at the same number.

Paul Simon did a soundcheck yesterday at the Wells Fargo Center, singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Associated Press photos show him later joined by Jesse Jackson, who did not sing.

CBS This Morning correspondent Mo Rocca stopped by the Franklin Institute Sunday for a news feature on Philadelphia's giant heart.

* Needing to stay in shape for endless hours on air, CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's George Stephanopoulos both worked out Sunday at the 12th Street Gym.

Shailene Woodley (Divergent), Josh Fox (Gasland) and "Bernie or bust" supporter Yahne Ndgo hosted a Climate Revolution rally at Vernon Park in East Germantown Sunday night.

Susan Sarandon was scheduled to be one of the speakers.

* While Clout is concerned with the the political elements of the DNC email hack, reports say that one of the emails claims Ariana Grande got rejected for a White House visit after her "I hate America" donut-licking escapade.

- PMN staff and Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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