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Man starts GoFundMe page to spare Betty White from 2016's grim reaper

Also in Tattle: The Rockettes, fake news, Mel B. and Gabrielle Union

Betty White in 2012 with Brandi Whitesell (right), a library director from the Free Library of Media-Upper Providence.
Betty White in 2012 with Brandi Whitesell (right), a library director from the Free Library of Media-Upper Providence.Read more

While we may be divided in our politics, Tattle believes we can all agree that in terms of the 2016 death watch, this year has pretty much sucked.

Bowie, Prince, Ali, Arnie, the Constitution and Princess Leia have all left us and South Carolinian Demetrios Hrysikos has had enough.

With only a few days left until we can put this depressing December behind us, Hrysikos has started a GoFundMe page to keep 94-year-old Betty White safe until the ball drops.

And hopefully well beyond.

"Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White! If she's okay with it I will fly to where ever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan. 1, 2017," Hrysikos wrote.

Should Betty nix Hrysikos's protection, or employ her own bodyguards, Hrysikos says he will donate any money raised to the Little Theater in Spartanburg, S.C.

It's a local youth theater company preparing the Betty Whites of 90 years from now.

For kicks

While Tattle was away for a few days in Atlantic City, gazing down on the white elephant that was previously the Trump Taj Mahal, we saw that the world-famous Radio City Rockettes were fighting with their employer over whether they would be forced to high-kick at the Trump inauguration.

Now back at Tattle HQ and seeking items while the entertainment media is overcome by the death of Carrie Fisher, we went to the Google to see if there were any updates.

Ten stories over the last few days from a variety of sources, left us even more confused. Between fake news and undated news and opinion masquerading as news, it's getting very difficult to tell what's factual and what's post-factual.

Fortunately a real Rockette not named "Mary" set the record straight. Behind a fake name but real sequins, "Mary" tap danced all over the controversy for

She said the Rockettes found out about the D.C. gig when they were sent screenshots of a CNN chyron announcing their performance.

"The majority of us said no immediately," "Mary" said. "Then there's the percentage that said yes, for whatever reason–whether it's because they're young and uninformed, or because they want the money, or because they think it's an opportunity to move up in the company when other people turn it down."

There were issues whether the dancers would have a high-heeled leg to stand on should they say no to the job, whether their union was supporting them, what kind of message they would be sending in their leotards performing for a former beauty pageant mogul with self-proclaimed grab-ass issues, and more.

It isn't easy for the Rockettes to become enmeshed in the culture wars, but somehow it happened.

"We took this very seriously and immediately contacted Radio City for a meeting to address this volatile situation," the American Guild of Variety Artists told "This is always the first course of action in a labor-management issue or dispute. Fortunately, the company has agreed that ALL participation in this particular event will be voluntary. We are greatly relieved and hope to work with our members to inform them and alleviate the anxiety and fears that this has caused."

Today in fake news

A widely shared story that claimed a former Secret Service agent named Paul Horner outed President Barack Obama as a gay man and a radical Muslim is false.

The fake story says Horner published the claims in a book titled The Black House. The article also features an interview that the former agent conducted with a supposed senior political analyst with NBC News named Tom Downey.

The red flags: NBC News has never had a political analyst named Tom Downey. The Secret Service has no record of an named Paul Horner. And the book cannot be found listed for sale by any retailer.

On the other hand, a man named Paul Horner has identified himself as the creator of several sites that posted the story.

The irony is that this Paul Horner is a gay, radical Muslim.

Uh, no he's not.

He's just a bulls--- artist with the Internet as his canvas.


Mel B., who got famous as a "Scary" Spice Girl and later as a foil to Simon Cowell on at least two of his talent show judging panels, is heading to Broadway to play Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Mel B. previously appeared on Broadway in a 2005 production of Rent, playing Mimi.

* According to, Gabrielle Union and BET have reached a settlement in Union's breach of contract lawsuit over Being Mary Jane.

"BET Networks is pleased to announce that they have reached an amicable agreement with Gabrielle Union and look forward to sharing the new season of Being Mary Jane with its loyal fans beginning January 10, 2017," the network said in a statement on Tuesday.

Union's suit claimed BET attempted to combine Seasons 4 and 5 into one long season to shortchange her on her contract.

Sounds like "Fleecing Mary Jane."

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