As of Daily News press time a little after midnight, we weren't sure who the winner of the 2016 presidential contest was.

It didn't look good for Hillary Rodham Clinton, though.

It appeared that uneducated white male voters were about to have their way. Instead of putting someone into office who was eminently qualified and just happened to be a woman, they went for a reality-TV star as their commander-in-chief. What did they think this was, a video game?

Shame on them.

Shame on the women who raised these voters.

Shame on everyone else who fell for the okeydoke and Donald "Grab them by the pussy" Trump's vague promises to make America great again - as if it weren't already the greatest country on earth.

I thought we were smarter than that. I thought we were better. I thought we were deeper thinkers and more compassionate human beings. Clinton was onto something when she called this portion of the electorate deplorables. Trump called them "the uneducated."

Whatever they're called, they are rejoicing while the rest of the country reels.

The self-proclaimed billionaire who tried to delegitimize the candidacy and presidency of Barack Obama, our nation's first African American president, by accusing of him not having been born in this country now gets to move into the White House?

The candidate who promised to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, and to get Mexico to pay for it, will actually be commander-in-chief?

The guy who wants to ban Muslim immigrants will actually be our next president?

The guy who said he prefers Russian leader Vladimir Putin to his own president?

The guy who has vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state will get to nominate our next Supreme Court justice?

The guy who says we should have taken the oil from Iraq and claims to know more about military and ISIS than even our nation's generals?

When Trump gets into the White House, we'll deserve every bit of scorn the world heaps on us.

We'll deserve everything we get in terms of a pushback on Obamacare, which needs to be fixed, not dismantled. Premiums are way too high, but Americans like the fact we can get insured even with pre-existing conditions. We like being able to keep our kids on our policies until they're 26.

But as I pointed out earlier, as of press time, election results were trickling in.

Instead of watching election results, everyone should have been on their knees praying.

God help us all.