are words often used to describe Qu'Ranah. The 5-year-old loves to hold hands and have her arm and face stroked. This brings a smile to her face. Her caregivers say she appears to enjoy music as she is equally responsive to music and tactile stimulation. Medically fragile, with an extensive medical history, Qu'Ranah needs 24-hour-a-day care. She receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies for her developmental delays.

Qu'Ranah has evoked love from each of her caregivers. She needs a very loving and committed family to help her meet her challenges. Adoptive parents must be able to supply her with extensive and exceptional care, requiring medical knowledge and consultation from medical professionals. Qu'Ranah is eligible for financial subsidy.

Often people think of babies when they hear the word adoption. There are, however, relatively few infants in the foster-care system awaiting permanent homes. Most are school-age; many have physical, emotional, and/or mental challenges. It takes a special kind of family to be able to open their hearts and their home to these children. Perhaps your family is that kind of family.