Although Ashayah is only 9 years old, she already has determined that she will be a nurse when she grows up. She also has definite ideas about her personality, which she describes as "friendly and talkative."

She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Ashayah also enjoys watching television, testing her skills at computer games and playing with her dolls. Macaroni and cheese and broccoli top her list of favorite foods. Currently in the fourth grade, she likes math the best.

Ashayah yearns to be adopted and have a family she can call her own. The ideal family for her would be loving and supportive and would encourage her to reach her potential. She looks forward to singing for them. Ashayah would bring joy to the family that welcomes her into their home. She is eligible for financial support.

Often people think of babies when they hear the word "adoption." There are, however, relatively few infants in the foster care system awaiting permanent homes. The majority of the children are school age. They desire and deserve the same kind of attention and love shown to younger children.