"Warm, caring, and very respectful" are words frequently used to describe Na'Jheek, a multitalented 17-year-old. He is very gifted in art, music, singing, and sports. Although Na'Jheek enjoys playing all sports, his favorites are football and baseball, and he shows off his skills as a member of his school's varsity team. Friendly and funny, he likes being around other people and gets along well with everyone, including his teachers.

Na'Jheek's plans include attending college and studying astrology. Two of his favorite activities are drawing and painting, so he is also considering art school.

Na'Jheek has the potential to be successful and attain his goals. However, he cannot do this alone. He needs the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel that he belongs.

Na'Jheek has experienced many separations and losses and yearns to have a permanent home. He would thrive with a loving, patient, committed family that would provide the structure and guidance he needs to reach his potential. He would bring much joy to the family that welcomes him into its home. He is eligible for financial subsidy.