Jermaine is an outgoing, talkative, and engaging 8-year-old who is very caring toward others and makes friends easily. He loves riding his bike and playing basketball. He recently learned how to swim and really enjoys it. Jermaine's favorite foods include fish, rice, crispy chicken, and fries.

In school, Jermaine receives special education services and benefits from the small class size and individual attention. He does very well in situations where he has one-on-one interaction with his teacher or caretaker. Jermaine can sense when he is about to become angry and removes himself from the activity until he feels calm again.

Jermaine has had much turmoil in his young life. He would thrive with a patient, loving family that can provide the stable environment that he needs to reach his potential. He visits with his siblings monthly and is a wonderful big brother to the younger ones. It is important that these contacts be maintained.

Adoptive parents do not need to have a specific income and they do not need to own their own homes. This kind of adoption is virtually free and many of the children are eligible for financial subsidy.