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Rendell's Night Before Christmas

The classic poem, re-purposed for Eagles fans

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Throughout Philadelphia all took to their beds

with visions of a Super Bowl victory dancing in their heads

The citizens of Philly had one thought in their heart

For a Super Bowl win they'd swap a body part.

You may think this sounds crazy and doesn't make sense

But this is a town that loves Carson Wentz.

We miss Peters and Hicks and little Darren Sproles,

But now our hopes are riding on lanky Nick Foles.

We are filled with dread about opponents we may face.

If they take a lead, is it one we will erase?

Can we declaw the Falcons and out-butt a Ram?

And outscore Drew, Case and Cam?

We all hope that Santa will arrive in a hurry

And gift us with something so we don't have to worry.

What we really all need Saint Nick to deliver

Is one last arrow to rest in our quiver.

It must be deadly and explode like a bomb,

So it can go through the heart of Big Ben or Tom.

We drift off to sleep after a prayer that we've made,

That we'll wake soon to find we're at a parade.

So, to our Birds we have one last thing to say,

"On Zach, on Fletcher, on Brandon and Jay,

The game of your life we hope you will play.

To Timmy, Malcolm, Nigel and Alshon,

Please don't falter and continue to march on.

Go Lane and Jason, go Mychal and Jake,

The Super Bowl trophy we need you to take.

So as Santa drove off into the night,

I heard him exclaim with a sense of delight,

"No need to worry people of Philly,

All I must say is dilly dilly!"