She sues Sheen by the seashore

Charlie Sheen recently announced he's HIV-positive. He swears he told all his intimates. But, um, well . . . he's getting sued in an L.A. court by Scottine Ross, a former adult entertainer (?!) who says she's his ex-fiancée. She says she didn't know about Sheen's diagnosis till she found his anti-HIV meds. She tells of forced abortion, intimidation, drug abuse. Normal thing. Ross filed suit the day after Chas was to sign an agreement to pay her $1 million to settle all claims . . . but, gee whiz, he never showed! Money? Nah, says Ross - she wants justice.

Joy-rider on a jag jacks Lana Rey's jazzy Jags

You're singer Lana Del Rey. You like Jaguars. The four-tire kind. They stay at your L.A. house when you go away. This random lady called Icess Floyd likes Jags, too. She borrows one for a few days while you're gone. No prob, right? It ends up impounded. Then, not wisely, Floyd tiptoes back, steals your other Jag, gets arrested. Now it's impounded. Lana: Think "garage." Better yet, buy a clunker.

Compiled by Inquirer staff.