Mirren? She digs her fans

As denials go, this is a sweet one: Helen Mirren insists she's not a sex symbol. "I'm not sexy," the 71-year-old Brit said at an AARP luncheon held in her honor in New York.

"If you see a painting you love . . . you can say, 'Oh, my god, that painting is sexy. That doesn't mean you want to [bleep] it," she said, raising guffaws.

"It's just something that gets hung on your back," Mirren said of the label, "and you can never quite get it off."

Mirren, whose tearjerker Collateral Beauty opens Dec. 16, also said she has a lovely relationship with her fans.

"[They are] just so nice. There's nothing wrong with a stranger coming up to you on the street and saying, 'I love you!' It's fabulous," she said. So it's OK, she added, to ask her for a photo. "I just find people are actually very, very nice, [even in] this age of selfies, which has transformed everything."

A prince, a secret flight, a girl

Prince Harry missed gf Meghan Markle so very awfully after being apart a fortnight that he made a secret flight to Canada to see the Suits actor, reports British tabloid The Sun. Harry was set to return to London after a visit to the Caribbean on Sunday when he made the detour. People mag notes the trip "was not recorded in the official court circular that lists the official engagements or duties of members of the royal family."

As I lay gossiping

Yes, Kourtney Kardashian, 37, and Scott Disick, 33, really are back together. The couple treated the great unwashed in Malibu, Calif., to a show of PDA on Monday, reports Hollywood Life. . . . Variety says Ezra Edelman's eight-hour ESPN documentary, O.J.: Made in America, will be eligible for an Oscar nod despite being a TV movie. . . . Fans are upset at Nicki Minaj, 33, for posting an Instagram vid mocking a mentally ill woman in Miami Beach. "I love how you think this is appropriate to show all the young followers that look up to you," a fan wrote back. "That dehumanizing is OK and bullying . . . then you have the nerve to laugh . . . smh."

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