Q: I really need help deciding what to do. I have learned that my husband has a little girl the same age as our daughter. He goes to see her sometimes and takes presents. I love him and want to keep my marriage together, but the thought of him being at the home of the woman who slept with him kills me. I get sick to my stomach whenever he's over there with that lying whore. She knew he was married. I never thought I could feel so much hatred for another human being. We are working on our relationship. We have been together eight years and married for five years. This is so hard. I need help.

Mia:  You're right to be emotional. It's hard enough to learn your husband has been unfaithful. But you have the added burden of supporting him while he tries to support his daughter. You're going to need more help than I can give you. Get counseling. Or see if you can find some help at your church. It's easy to blame the other woman, but it was your husband who broke his marital vows. So, if you want to direct your anger at someone, aim it straight at that lying, cheating husband of yours who not only violated the sanctity of your marriage — he made a baby with another woman. That's disgraceful. But if you want to stay with that cad, that's on you, baby girl.

Steve: Mia's right. Some problems are so tough on your life, you need help. A lot of moms have problems with the challenges you have. Join them and get some help from others on how to keep a marriage together. It's too hard to try it alone.

Q: What can an American do to stop a nice, old building from being torn down? I was shocked when I saw the 19th-century building used by the late star Grover Washington Jr. was being torn down for ugly, overpriced apartments. It's a terrible loss. What can be done?

Steve: Nothing really. Just look at President Trump's hideous buildings in Manhattan. Grover Washington Jr. died too young (age 56 in 1999), and his wife had to sell that old studio that had been so successful for so many years. She sold it in 2016, but never believed it would be torn down. You can feel a real sense of the great work of Washington, especially when he's combining with singer Bill Wither on "Just the Two of Us."

Mia: Um, what does any of this have to do with sex or relationships?