I met a girl on Facebook and we clicked. She lives out of town but came to visit. We got busy on the couch and I penetrated her with my finger. I said how about going to bed and she said, OK, but no sex. I said, we just had sex. She said, no we didn’t. My question is … did we have sex or not?

Mia: This is giving me shades of Bill Clinton. Look, people have different definitions of where the sex line is. As long as everything is consensual, don't worry so much about it. The issue isn't whether you think you had sex, it's that you respected her boundary of what sex is. And you presumably did, so good on you. As long as you are both cool with each step that you take – and make sure everything is verbalized! — that's what really matters.

Steve: Yes, we are in the Way Back Machine. One of my friends says if you had to pay for it, then it's sex, but that's not your case. I won't duck – to me, penetration of the vagina is sex.

My girlfriend got into my phone and found sexy pictures of some of my old girl friends. She wants to know why I still have them and I should get rid of them. I don’t want to. What should I tell her?

Steve: Don't mean to blame the victim, but, wow, bro, pretty careless. I guess you want to keep both your girl friend and your memories. You have three choices: Delete them, don't delete them, or delete them after copying them to some place safe, password protected. I think the third option works for you.

Mia: Agree with Steve on this, but first: Ask yourself why you still have them in the first place.