Me and this guy I’ve been seeing are not sexually monogamous but me and him have been together for about a year. Here’s my situation: I’ve been been catching feelings with another guy I hook up with sometimes and don’t know if I should tell my boyfriend or just let it ride since we are not exclusive anyway.  I don’t want to lose him.

Mia: You're willing to share your body with this dude but not what you're thinking? You make me feel old, girlfriend. By all means, tell your guy how you're feeling. That way he can make the decision whether to stay or go instead of being manipulated by your greedy behind. Girl please. I hope you're at least having safer sex.

Steve: You don't want to lose No. 1, but you have feelings for No. 2. If you take Mia's advice, you probably will lose No. 1. You've been riding two horses at one time for a while, but it can't last.

I caught my stepson sneaking a strange girl into our home. I yelled at him and then my husband started treating me like I’m the bad guy. I’m so upset. His son is 25 and keeps promising to move out but never does even when we give him a deadline. I’m at my wit’s ends. What do I do?

Steve: Your husband's son, your husband's problem. If it isn't a problem for him, don't let it be a problem for you. Take a breath, roll your eyes and look the other way.

Mia: I feel your pain, girl. You know this is only get worse. He's too irresponsible to keep his promises to move out so he's probably having unprotected sex and will soon pop up with a baby that he'll be asking you to babysit. I've seen it so many times. People really need to be careful about settling down with partners with underage kids. There's a reason why most remarriages involving children end in divorce. Take Steve's advice and good luck.