Q: I graduated from the  University of Pennsylvania three years ago and met a woman who stole my heart about a year ago. She and I seem perfect together. We like the same food, the same music and have the same on politics. Then why do we break up so much? She left me a two weeks ago to move across the country and now she wants to come back and be together again. That was the third breakup in a year. I'm 25 and she's 21. I've never loved anyone like her, but this is driving me crazy. What do you think?

Steve: You should consider old Penn student John Legend who, like so many men, sees his heart broken and then brought back.

"What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down."

Been there, done that. Most men have. Smart, attractive women at 21 get tons of interest. But do they know which man to pick? Of course not! So they try with one and two and three and then go back to one and then meet five and, who knows best at age 21? So keep loving her even though that woman's "crazy and you're out of your mind."

Mia: Dude, she's showing you who she is and also playing you like a yo-yo. If that's okay with you, stick with her until she dumps you again. If you think you deserve better, move on. The choice is yours.

Q: I am six months pregnant and think my boyfriend is cheating on me. He's up all night on his laptop. It's password protected so I can't see what he's up to. He's also going to the gym a lot and just doesn't seem interested in this baby we are having.  He says I'm crazy and that I'm being overly emotional. We haven't had sex in weeks because he's afraid of hurting the baby. I think it's really because I've picked up a lot of weight. I'm only 5-feet tall I look like I'm full term.

Mia: Time will tell if he's cheating or maybe hiding a late-night porn addiction. Meanwhile, you're about to be a mother! Concentrate on getting yourself ready for that. Dad's going to do what dad's going to do. Get counseling if you need to but remember your No. 1 priority should be the new life you are bringing into the world. Congratulations and good luck!

Steve: Your problems are just now arriving. Forget your boyfriend and focus on your baby. The healthier your diet, the healthier your baby will be. And meet as many first-time moms as you can. Women together are strong and helpful. Don't try to do it alone.