This is "Stupardy!" — the new game show in which contestants get answers and must respond with questions. Here's your host, Stu Bykofsky:

Play “Stupardy!” with Stu Bykofsky ahead of Monday’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate.
Play “Stupardy!” with Stu Bykofsky ahead of Monday’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate.

"Good day, folks. The plan was to interview Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who will moderate Monday night's gubernatorial debate in Hershey between Democratic incumbent Tom Wolf and his Republican challenger, former state Sen. Scott Wagner. But his people said no print interviews. Lacking Alex (whom we like), we will play Stupardy!, but our game has no contestants and only one category: Pennsylvania politics. Let's get started."

A: The debate moderator is really Alex Trebek.

Q: What is only in America?

A: Actual journalists who hosted the last three gubernatorial debates.

Q: Who are CBS correspondent Leslie Stahl in 2006, former ABC anchor Ted Koppel in 2010, and Harrisburg ABC27 anchor Dennis Owens in 2014?

A: Alex Trebek's first job.

Q: What is journalism?


A: What Tom Wolf will bring.

Q: What are higher taxes?

A: What Scott Wagner is sure to do.

Q: What is slash spending on social programs?

A: He inherited a large business.

Q: How did Tom Wolf get to run a small business?

A: He ran a waste management company.

Q: What prepared Scott Wagner for the state Senate?

A: $10 million.

Q: What is Alex Trebek being paid to host Monday night?

I'm sorry, that's his annual "Jeopardy!" salary. His stipend for Monday night was not made public.

A: The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

Q: Who picked the moderator?

A: Inquirer and Daily News columnist John Baer.

Q: Who recently played Alex Trebek in a Gridiron sketch produced by the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association?

A: Alex Trebek

Q: Who actually called John Baer for insight into Pennsylvania political issues?

A: A $520 mail subscription to the Inquirer.

Q: What is Alex Trebek using to prepare for the debate?

A: None.

Q: What will be the lasting effect on Alex Trebek's career if he screws up Monday night?

A: In a debate, he doesn't have answers and spontaneous quips on cards prepared by his staff.

Q: What's the biggest difference between hosting Jeopardy! and moderating a debate?

A: On Jeopardy! he likes the contestants.

Q: What's another difference?

A: It was an easy sell, according to Gene Barr, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

Q: Was it hard to book Alex Trebek to moderate?

A: "50/50 and a little less."

Q: What did Alex Trebek give as the odds of his signing a new Jeopardy! contract in 2020? (Those were not the odds of a Wagner victory.)

A: Check your local listings, starting with the Pennsylvania Cable Network.

Q: Where can I see the debate?

Q: Who is likely to moderate the 2022 gubernatorial debate?