Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman on Monday named the principals of the six schools that will be radically overhauled under her supervision.

The "Promise Academies" and their principals are:

Ethel Allen Elementary - Woolworth Davis, who will move from Carnell Elementary.

Dunbar Elementary - Dawn Moore, who will move from H.A. Brown Elementary.

Clemente Middle School - Milagros De Jesus, who will move from Cramp Elementary.

Vaux High School - William Wade, who will move from the Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds.

University City High School - Timothy Stults, the current principal.

Potter-Thomas Elementary - Dywonne Davis-Harris, the current principal.

"I look forward to working with each Promise Academy leadership team, the students and staff, parents and community partners, and - of course - the School Advisory Council," Ackerman wrote in a letter. "Together, I am confident that we can make significant change, and create sustainable progress in student achievement for the benefit of all."

The new-look schools, all of which have failed to meet state standards for several years, will open in September.

Each Promise Academy will have a longer school day and year, world language instruction for all students, and Saturday school. There will also be a largely new teaching force - no more than 50 percent of the current school's staff may return to each Promise Academy next year.

Francisco Duran, superintendent of the Central East Region, will also head the Promise Academy effort. He will report to Ackerman, who has said she will be very involved in running the schools.

In addition to the Promise Academies, seven schools will become charters in September. Those schools will be staffed with nondistrict teachers.