The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced Tuesday that it placed the principal of St. Madeline-St. Rose parish school in Ridley Park on leave after several students voiced what it called "concerns" about him.

Donna Farrell, archdiocesan spokeswoman, declined to describe those concerns, but she said the children shared them during an annual "safe environment" training session at the Delaware County school last week.

The sessions teach youngsters about proper boundaries and behavior between children and adults, according to Farrell.

When several older students reported that principal Dennis Reitano did things that made them "uncomfortable," a teacher at the session contacted the parish pastor, the Rev. Louis Bellopede.

Bellopede notified the archdiocese and the Delaware County District Attorney's Office, Farrell said, and the archdiocese placed Reitano on leave Friday.

"There are no allegations of sexual abuse," said Thomas J. Byrne, Ridley Park Borough police chief.

Byrne said his department is conducting interviews and will present any findings to the District Attorney's Office.

Reitano did not return a request for comment Tuesday. Principal at St. Madeline's since 2009, he has taught at six parish schools in the archdiocese since 1973.

The school serves 260 children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

On Monday, the archdiocese told parents about Reitano's suspension via e-mail. Similar letters were sent by mail Tuesday, urging parents to notify "authorities" if they had information or concerns.

Byrne expressed surprise that the archdiocese contacted parents before his department received a copy of the letter. He said he learned of the allegations from parents and news media.

The archdiocese invited parents seeking guidance on how to talk to their children about the situation to contact the Office for Child and Youth Protection at 1-888-800-8780 or at