Woodbury Junior-Senior High School has been named the recipient of a national award for improving its academic environment and helping students achieve equitable access to higher education,

The school was one of three high schools to win Gaston Caperton Inspiration Awards, which carry $25,000 prizes, the College Board announced Tuesday. The other winners were Fort Lauderdale High School in Florida and Johnny G. Economedes High School in Edinburg, Texas. Six schools were awarded honorable mentions worth $1,000 each.

At Woodbury, where nearly 60 percent of the student body receives free or reduced-price lunches, 70 percent of the Class of 2011 was enrolled in Advanced Placement or honors classes, and 50 percent of the seniors took at least one Advanced Placement exam. Ninety-five percent graduated and 89 percent were accepted into college, according to the College Board.

"The narrowing and ultimate elimination of the achievement gap, the crux of our strategic plan, is the impetus for the work that is done on behalf of our students," said Woodbury principal Denise Dunham.

College Board president Gaston Caperton will present the school with its award on May 17.

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