THIS PAST Friday, Temple University made an announcement that, as of July 1, 2014, it is going to cut seven Division I sports.

Some of these teams, like men's gymnastics, had the highest grade-point averages on campus and had impressive winning records. Many of the athletes affected were not on scholarships. Temple University's Athletic Department is a tight-knit family, regardless of the team that the students are on. All the athletes, past and present, bleed cherry-and-white and are some of the best representatives of our school.

While I was at Temple, I was fortunate enough to be involved in Temple University's women's rowing team. It was a wonderful experience and I could not imagine what my time at Temple would have been like without it. It is a shame to see Temple University cutting both the men and women's program, or any sport for that matter.

Philadelphia has a rich rowing history, and to end Temple's part in that is devastating. Temple advertises itself as Philadelphia's public university. Philadelphia is rowing and Temple is Philadelphia. There should be no reason as to why Temple is being stripped of rowing or any other sport.

The men and women's rowing team have started an online petition and within three days have gained over 6,000 signatures. We have support from all over the country and from fellow collegiate rowing teams. The outpouring of support has been amazing! If you would like to show your support for not only the rowing team, but all other teams affected by this cut, go to and search Save Temple Rowing Teams and Save Temple Athletics (Women's Softball, Men's Baseball, Men's Crew, Women's Rowing, Men's Gymnastics).

On Saturday, Dec. 14, at 11 a.m., rowing alumni and current athletes plan to meet at the Canoe Club to rally and show their support. We are bringing trophies, medals and pictures to showcase what Temple rowing is all about. We hope to show the Board of Trustees what a mistake it was to cut these seven families.

Kara Jackson

Temple University rowing alumna '12