SOME education activists asserted that yesterday's School Reform Commission meeting was an affront to public openness and transparency.

Lisa Haver, a retired district teacher and member of Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools, was the only person to testify, which came after the SRC had already voted. She blasted members of the commission for being "sneaky."

"They very deliberately did this, very quickly at 9:30 a.m. so not only could the teachers not be here to defend themselves, parents couldn't weigh in," Haver said after the session. "It is shameful, even for the SRC."

Haver questioned whether the meeting violated the state Sunshine Act, which requires advanced notice for public meetings held by governing bodies.

The district published a notice in the Inquirer on Sunday - meeting the 24-hour requirement for a special meeting - but did not post a notice on the district's website until yesterday morning.

Bill Green, chairman of the SRC, said the SRC did not intentionally call the meeting at the last minute. "We were planning to have the meeting next Thursday, and it just didn't work out for us. And so Monday was not a targeted date. It was simply the date that we could get it done."

He said they wanted to vote on the change "significantly sooner," but waited until city stakeholders were notified and the district's lawyers completed a review.

- Solomon Leach