Teachers at a suburban Philadelphia high school warned administrators in February of seething disrespect and a climate of violence that left them feeling unsafe. On Wednesday, a student fight erupted at the Montgomery County school that injured seven faculty members and three security officers.

A community meeting has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at Cheltenham High School, 500 Rices Mill Rd., Wyncote.

The Inquirer and Daily News obtained the report of anonymously-submitted faculty comments. It is reproduced below with names redacted.

Cheltenham High School
School Climate Survey Results
February 2017

Question: Do you feel safe when traveling in the corridors between classes?

Yes – 43
No – 36

Mostly, at times when dealing with disciplinary issues I am surrounded by large groups of students - mostly male.

I feel safe personally - but worry about my nieces and certain students in the hallways.  Especially upstairs before the new wing.

I avoid walking in the corridors between classes whenever possible. Students are often sprinting or chasing each other, which could lead to a dangerous collision.

I feel safe, but I try to be very alert to my surroundings.

I feel safe but the hall ways are not, students use profanity all the time and can't understand why they are being confronted. My size insures my safety.

While I do, I am aware of plenty of staff members who do not feel the same way.

Number of students in the halls at any given time, inappropriate (aggressive) actions, blatant disrespect for adults and peers

There is far too much running, pushing, general horsing-around in the halls between classes.  

Groups of mostly young men loitering in the hallways, using bad language, creating an intimidating atmosphere...almost daring authority to ask them to move to class.

The other day I was walking in the hall near café and people began running out of the café.  A student proceeded to hit and punch another student right in front of me.  This is not the first time this happened.

Sometimes, though not often, I have been pushed or bumped in the hall. I have walked by students "play fighting" and have almost been hit or kicked.

There are a small number of students who will not listen in any way who seem to know that their behavior has no consequences

In the "new wing," there is never a presence of security or administrators.
However, throughout the school, there is a lack of active monitoring by security or administrators.

Sometimes I do not feel safe

The hallways are flooded with students at ANY time of the day; however, between classes, the halls are just dangerous.  Students have no respect for their peers, teachers, or security staff and pay no attention to any staff whatsoever.  I have been "banged around" the hallway multiple times (not deliberately), and thus try to avoid the halls as much as possible.

Walking in the hallways, kids are shoving each other around after landing on me.  Kids are fighting, cursing, horse-playing and it is intimidating to walk past these groups of kids.  This year, I witnessed 2 random men (young 20 year olds) walking in the hall by my room.  Security approached them but their response was "they were leaving" So my concern is people being in the building that do not belong.

Some students show no regard for the safety of others and I fear getting caught up in a fight between students. I know that fighting students will continue to fight with one another if I involve myself and so I fear being injured.

Students are often rough housing and being so physical with one another during travel time (running, shoving, pushing, jumping on each other), that I'm not surprised I haven't accidentally been knocked around by them. I am also afraid of getting caught up in any one of the multiple fights I've heard erupt outside my classroom door -- but those occur DURING class periods.

Students are unpredictable in their behavior, using poor judgement, profane language, moving in unsafe manners, and they're aggressive and confrontational when asked to move along to their scheduled classes.

I have multiple confrontations with students and one, (Name redacted), threatened to fight me and call his brother to meet them outside.  He was back in class by the next period.  I also broke up a bad fight earlier in the year and the students involved hold it against me.

Students jostle each other, scream aggressively, and always seem to be on the verge of a fight.  If teachers try to discipline them for this behavior, some students will verbally assault teachers, saying things like, "what are you going to do about it?  You can't do anything."

I feel there is a lot of tension in the hallways amongst students.  Although most of the time I do feels safe, in the event that something does happen e.g. fight, and I'm near it, I feel that I must get involved to stop it.  During this time and the lack of security, administration etc. in the hallways I do not feel safe. 

It's too crowded and I'm small

It depends on the period and the hallway. Near the main office, yes, but the further away (social studies hallway, upstairs), I've had moments of being more alert than I feel like I should be in a professional education setting.

Halls are not safe - students are shoving other students and I am constantly on the lookout for this behavior. I have been affected several times by inappropriate student behavior in the halls.

Physical safety hasn't been an issue despite the occasional bump but excessive and abrasive language use has certainly put me on edge

I don't necessarily feel physically unsafe, but the halls are an absolute "no-win" area for teachers.  If I feel uncomfortable by the language and noise level a student displays I can 1) address it and open myself up to insubordination and/or a verbal retaliation for which no consequences will be delivered or I can 2) choose to ignore it which I struggle with ethically because then I feel complicit.  It's a complete "no-win", and I battle this every day. 

There are often groups of intimidating and unruly students who make it difficult to pass freely through the hallways.

When confronting students because of their language they just tell you to F-- off & I don't have to listen to you.

Shoving, fighting, cursing

We are unaware if weapons exist in the school.

Often on edge due to poor behavior from students and from student disregard for teachers trying to get them to class.  "Get the f--- out of my face" has been a common response this year.  Students know that admin has no control over their behavior this year and have openly admitted it repeatedly to me.

There is a lot of pushing and shoving, foul language, earbuds (students cannot hear properly) and chaos, often times.

Hallways are over-crowded.

The hallways during class periods give me a sense of unease with the raucous behavior of a good number of students along the way (students hitting each other, pushing each other, foul language). It's not directed to me personally but I do tell students to keep their hands to themselves and I stop to intervene which is a personal risk since I am never sure how it will be received. I do not know which students in our school are volatile and I am aware that even the security guards are told not to approach certain students. The teachers are not informed with names of these students so we have a risk in correcting student behavior.

no consequences, admin is not addressing the inappropriate behaviors according to the handout (fighting, drugs, roaming halls, late to class, cutting class)

Many students have no care or concern for the people around them. Often times I am run into or I see other students slammed against the walls, because students are running to places, ignoring the space between themselves and others, etc.

There is aggressive behavior with many students disregarding personal space.  Earlier this year I had a student who was reacting to another student in the hallway and pulled away from his grip.  He began flailing and jumped away from him only to forcefully shove into me.  I had to grab his arms to stop him from hitting me in the abdomen (where I had recently had surgery) and to hold onto him so that I wouldn't fall down.  There was no recognition on his part that this was a problem at all (let alone any apology).

I have been slammed against walls and lockers and had students run into me

Question: In your experience, has administration dealt with discipline in a way that was not according to the discipline chart and/or school and district guidelines?

Yes – 60
No - 8

Sometimes progressive discipline is followed, but at other times the policies are bent to fit the situation or blatantly ignored.

Discipline is very slow and often doesn't match the student's action.

I have observed several students continuously walking the halls with no pass.  As far as I know no one can get these students to class  

I had a student I wrote up TWICE for racist comments and remarks. As far as I know, besides a phone conference, no disciplinary action was taken.

There was a fight in my classroom (kids putting hands on each other, bouncing around the room and knocking things over) and security removed the two students. They were later assimilated back into their scheduled classes on the same day. HOW IS THIS SAFE.

The handbook is not worth the paper it is printed on.  We have completely abandoned any sense of discipline.  We make it up as we go along.  It is a complete joke.  I am never going to write kids up because I know that the punishment as outlined in the handbook is going to be completely ignored.  I'm going to continue to be a presence in the hallways.... but in a real sense we have given up the hallways to the students and they now make the rules which includes daily fights, and a norm of students doing whatever they want without fear of consequences.

Not sure what the "rules" are.  To me there seem to be very little.

I really don't know. Sometimes, I understand that the handbook was not followed. But I am not informed with accurate details.

I rarely see follow up. There does not seem to be any consistent application of the discipline policy to hallway behavior.

NO: see above example.  Each student treated on a case by case basis - I am all for understanding a bad day but there needs to be a line; I think that threatening another student crosses that line as does cursing out a student, no matter what might be going on in one's personal life.

The responses are usually returned 2-3 weeks after infraction and they either call a parent or assign a detention. The last slip I turned in was for cutting 4 consecutive classes. The response 10 days later was that the student will serve a detention at a date TBD. Really?

Absolutely not.  I have written students up for what I consider fairly major issues and have simply received (at most) a discipline referral form back with a note: "Call parent."
Another administrator advised me to write up a student from my study hall for disrespecting me, leaving the class, and never returning.  When I did write it up, she simply "held conference" with student.
Other times, I just never even get a response back.

2 students had a physical fight in the classroom and did not face any consequences and still attended pep rally in the afternoon.

Too often, they have not

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Last week kids were getting extremely loud outside my classroom, I went outside and saw a group of boys wondering toward the cafeteria agitated looking for a specific kid.  I notified (name redacted), he acknowledged there was "chatter going on" but did not approach the boys.  (Name redacted) chased the boys out of the cafeteria.  They gathered by the elevator waiting to go back to the cafeteria still agitated.  (Name redacted) walked towards the cafe (his lunch duty period). (Name redacted) and I told him what was going on just as the group of boys re-entered the cafeteria and surrounded a male student.  (Name redacted) just stood and watched ignoring everything.  He could have easily approached the boys to asked what the problem was.  My experience has been that (name redacted) does not like to confront students.

Another example: (Name redacted) (aide from Cedarbrook came into my classroom during 4th lunch witnessing a female student entering the boys’ bathroom.  She went in the lunchroom and told (name redacted).  (Name redacted) walked into the hall and asked "where is she?" (name redacted) said male bathroom.  (name redacted) did not say anything and walked back in the cafeteria.  (name redacted) was in my class shocked that he did not do anything.  She asked, "Is this common at the high school?" The girls came out of the male bathroom, (name redacted) went back to get (name redacted).  He came back to the hallway saying "where is she?  (name redacted) pointed the girl out walking in the hall away from (name redacted).  He waited, silent the stated "I will deal with it later" and went back into the cafeteria. 

Again, it seems he is afraid to approach students

Discipline is not handled swiftly and I rarely write students up because I know that the consequences will vary depending on the student and the administrator.

excessive absences/tardies /truancy is a joke- kids are fighting and staying in school which is sending the messages to others that it's ok to fight.  Kids have shared that they do not feel safe in class (where fights have occurred) and even asked me. " (name redacted)- how is _____ here today, when ____ was fighting/".. I have no response as I am also perplexed.

1.  I have students who have been in fights who have NOT received anything more than 3 days of OSS.  These are not IEP students.

There seems to not be much follow through on several items such as lateness or other minor infractions. Only the most severe incidents seem to have a punishment.

But every administrator's progressive consequences seem to be different.

Writeups for the same or similar incidents are handled different ways by different administrators, particularly when it comes to latenesses and class cutting. I have had one student given a Saturday detention for latenesses while a student with significantly more latenesses was only given a detention. A student who walked out of my classroom without permission and did not come back was only spoken to by the administrator, with no consequences. Additionally, I have had many instances where multiple write-ups or write-ups for multiple classes were combined (a student getting OSS for something in another class and latenesses to my classes were added in).

Students have been repeating the same behaviors that they were written up for because they did not get any disciplinary action. Such as: cutting, repeat lateness to class, talking back/disrespectful behavior

It depends on the child, the infraction, and the administrator. We're told that we need creative discipline but the district (because any sort of SEL program should be a K-12 initiative) isn't forthcoming with how or what to implement and what it looks like in practice.

It takes them time to get a response from them regarding behavioral issues with students but I understand they are dealing with a large volume of incidents. Example, I wrote students up for a detention and later they were issued a detention. It took a week or so to get that response though.

What disciple chart????? They do not discipline anyone!!!!!!!

Each administrator deals with situations differently and applies discipline in their own way.  Some give detentions for lateness while some follow the guide depending on the person and situation.

In the parameters that were explained to me as to their progression of discipline I believe that they have followed their protocol as per the discussions I have had.

Discipline seems to be very arbitrary.  One of my students got one detention for cutting one class.  Another student got 2 detentions for cutting 8 classes!!

I have asked admins about the discipline chart via email (whether it was still in effect) and have received no response.  There are times when students will have the same write-up (participated in the same disruption) and there are two different consequences from two different admins.  Ex. one student was banned from the library for a semester, while the other student received Saturday detention; a third student received no consequence because he denied he took part in any of the behavioral disruption.

 A student was late over 20 times to class. This was a student who was permitted to switch classes because he was not performing well and getting along with another teacher of the same course. I filled out a long form and was told it could not be treated as over 26 latenesses because I did not fill out multiple forms. In this instance, parents were contacted as well as administrators but I did not receive any feedback. Several students have also been moved out of another teacher's class into my class the same period because they are failing or do not have a good rapport with the teacher. I'm not sure if there is a guideline for this. There have also been instances in which students are getting into fights and are in school the next day with no suspension. This did not happen in my class, but I share a room with one other teacher and witnessed the fight and saw the student in that class the following day.

In the instance above, the student received a Saturday detention I believe. She wasn't suspended and administration was well aware of her potential for dangerous and harmful behavior before my incident.

I am concerned about the consequences for fighting.  I thought students were supposed to be out of the building for five days. It has been my experience that students are not even out for one day!!!!!!

Starting this year, the new normal seems to be that we cannot have students taken out of the classroom unless they are physically harming themselves or others. Students have figured this out and know they will not be sent out of the room. They can continue to interrupt instruction and be as rude as can be. Two students who were sent out of the room this year were both sent back to class within 10 minutes. Administrators never contacted us ahead of time to ask if this was OK. They seem very eager to believe the student's version of events and never even ask for the teacher's version. I feel there has been a significant change in this policy starting this year.

Their inability to deal with issues trickles down to us. A student called me a crazy old mother f-- he then went to Ray and told him to go f-- himself. No consequence.

Should reinstate Twilight School.

Unfortunately, these infractions/disrespect/noncompliance occur in the hallway with students I don't know so they aren't something that I can report. 

I wrote up five students for cuts of study hall and all five received different punishments, from no punishment at all to the stated punishment for a first cut, two detentions.
At this point, I don't write many students up because a punishment is rarely given or the paper work is never returned.

Question: Do you support the creation of an alternative school for the 2017-2018 school year?

Yes – 67

No – 0

Maybe, I would need more information – 12

An alternative school placement would help our school climate tremendously.  A large majority of our students do exactly what's expected of them but, there are a handful, who are constantly in the halls, disrupting other classes/students.  Whatever actions have been taken in the past for these students clearly is not working because there has been little to no change in their behavior. 

I have compiled a great deal of "climate" data as well in my conversations with staff over the past few weeks.  I would like to work together as much as possible to support any initiatives in this area moving forward.  I am also aware of several administrative conversations about climate issues that are working to address some of the above concerns if you'd be interested in hearing more about where things stand.

There seems to be little consequences or preventative steps for the students who frequently violate school policy.  Drugs, attendance, late to class.  Most of us know the students of concern - despite that knowledge we see the same behavior year after year.

I believe the alternative school at CHS was not effective.  I am not against the idea, I believe it should not be here at the high school.  Way too many distractions.

I love the idea of an alternative school! I used to work at one and it is a TERRIFIC option for students that are not being successful in a large classroom environment. It also benefits the other students as they no longer have the distractions and disruptions caused by the alternative kids.

I am tired of people telling me that it is not possible to do anything with students.  We have 1350 wonderful students and 100 wonderful teachers and we have completely abandoned trying to create a positive environment where those people can teach and learn and instead given it up to a group of individuals who simply create an environment in which the vast majority of our students and teachers feel unsafe or uncomfortable.  Speaking also as a resident in the district I also sadly have to report that many of our friends from inside the district are now looking to move elsewhere, or at least move their kids elsewhere....and I guess that says all you need to know about people's perceptions of what goes on in our high school and middle school.  And it has nothing to do with courses offered, it has everything to do with the fact they don't want their kids in an environment like the one you find now.  Indeed, I myself, with kids in the district am looking to move too.

An OFF-SITE location Alternative Program would show the students that if they cannot follow the rules of CHS, they will not stay at CHS

This place is a s--- hole!

All our students need to be served well by our school. We need to help all students use their school time effectively for learning. Currently, neither those who are being disruptive nor those who are being regularly disrupted are having their educational needs met. Both need help and change in order to learn at their best.
Teachers should be expected to--and trained in how to--interact respectfully and effectively with all students. But teachers are not making up their feelings of lack of safety. We all must have our lowest levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs met in order to do our jobs effectively.

We need an alternative school where the staff is as accountable as the students. A program with the right supports and leadership. Most of these kids will respond with the right amount of support, just not in our traditional classroom.

Get the bums out of the mainstream so the other 98% can learn in a better environment. I don't turn slips in that much because they don't/won't/ can't assign appropriate consequences for ANY infraction.

We have a few students in attendance here who have extreme behavioral issues.  We are not addressing their needs in this environment and it is impacting those students who are on the borderline behaviorally. 

Yes, some students cannot be successful in a normal school climate with other students.  It is too much of a distraction.  A smaller setting with more individualized attention is needed for a small population at CHS.  With those particular students not roaming the halls causing problems I believe the culture and environment will improve.  These students are setting bad examples for other to follow creative a negative, disrespectful tone toward the adults in this building.

I support an alternative school, but it needs to be well thought out and executed appropriately - I have my concerns about our administration's ability to do both.

CHS and the District need to have more options available to deal with extremely difficult students for whom traditional discipline does not work. The district also needs to take issues such as students in the hallways and treatment of adults by students more seriously. Allowing these behaviors to continue unabated has created a truly dangerous environment inside the building. At this point, not a day goes by where a teacher does not tell me that they do not feel safe in school or in our halls.

What about all the fights that have taken place. On Friday I helped break up a fight between 2 girls, and today Tuesday the young lady is back in class. What happened to being suspended for 7 days?

We need more behavioral/emotional supports for these kids.  An alternative program would definitely help.

Having grown up in a public high school that had 1,000 students more than CHS and diversity representing over 60 languages spoken by the students, I am shocked at how unsafe I feel as an adult and teacher in my own workplace. I fear that if anything violent happened to me, by accident or otherwise, my administration would not back me up or support me, would take the side of the student, and would ultimately not handle the situation in a way that truly resolved the underlying, deep-seated problem that we see occurring day in and day out at our school.

This place is a haven for students who find every reason to be out of class.  We have a significant number of students who have no academic agenda for being here, and they are seen in the hallways during most class periods.  This leads to increased chances of negative interactions between students (fighting, pre-fighting, arguing, getting no work done and students supporting one another in this effort).

The library hallway is very noisy, especially during lunch periods. There are few restrictions on students wandering the halls during 4th, 5th, and 6th periods.

Administrators should give consistent consequences for the same negative behavior. We need a dean of students to handle discipline solely and to take the additional burden off our current vice principals since they are already being overloaded with a tremendous amount of extra work.

The students not only act like they run this school through their behaviors, but they are cocky enough to say it when they are being reprimanded for doing things that are completely inappropriate. They are aware the administrators are overworked and do not hand out consequences per the discipline handbook, so they act accordingly and the rest of the school suffers as a result.

Our consistently disruptive students are interrupting the educational process for their classmates.  We are more concerned with their right to education that we are ignoring the rights of everyone else.

Students need to be held accountable.

The students know there are few, if any, consequences for negative behaviors.  They will behave for teachers they know.  Some of my students have expressed to me that they do not feel safe in this school.  Outside of my classroom, I believe that I am not safe.  I do not believe that the district will act to protect my, or my students' safety.

I'm at the point where I don't think writing up a student or confronting a student in the hallway who I know shouldn't be in the hallway is worth the hassle.  Students know that there are no consequences for infractions and so things are just escalating.  This school has come to a place with no expectations for academics or behavior.  I also have lost faith in administration to handle consequences and discipline effectively so I don't bother writing up a student or following through with finding out who a student was in the hallway ways. 

It needs to be a thoughtful, research-based program that provides a pathway to success for kids who can't be successful in a traditional setting. That said, the admission criteria needs to be firm, providing clarity for all stakeholders. Just as we're offering PBL for kids who could be more successful in that setting, an alternative school with a robust SEL component could serve the needs of kids who need a different structure of learning.

-Immediate consequences for hallway infractions.
-Our school needs equal emphasis on student-teacher mutual respect (recent messages from building admin are focused on teacher respect toward students.)
-Discipline referrals need to have a maximum 2-day turn around

Rosters in co-taught Enriched classes need to be thoroughly examined - why are students who are behavior problems, but not identified as sped ed, placed in all co-taught classes?

I definitely think we need a new set of tools to help with school discipline. At my old school, we had a dean of students whose main job was to handle these issues as they happened. Each day we would get a daily report of what incidents occurred and the response by the admin (as well as the consequence for the student). We could then follow up with the dean and discuss with him if we disagreed with the punishment. The response was immediate and students seemed less likely to break the rules (leading to less students getting in trouble). The daily report also helped us as a staff identify the repeat offenders and find ways to help them. I also feel like suspending students is not an adequate punishment at the high school for misbehavior or breaking the rules (in certain situations). We should make students participate in community service or school improvement opportunities as well as offer wraparound services to better aid students who are constantly getting in trouble. In some cases, meetings with the appropriate school staff, teacher, student, and other personnel may be needed to discuss issues that might be affecting student performance in the classroom. Walking the halls is a clear sign that the student has "checked" out and we need to figure out a way to get them to check back in.

I feel like the behaviors that are troublesome to us have been allowed to occur by and in turn, are occurring more and more frequently.

First, with regard to an alternative school. The majority of our students are amazing, wonderful young people who want to be a part of something special at Cheltenham High School. Unfortunately, a small group of students (25-50) have no desire to be a part of our school community and make no effort to comply with school rules and policies. These students roam the halls and are blatantly disrespectful to one another, the teachers, and the educational process. They use vulgar language, are unruly, and are detrimental to culture of the school. Because there are such few consequences and these behaviors are allowed to go on, other students (who might be 'on the fence' or are otherwise good students) see this as acceptable.
Whatever the reason is for the lack of discipline and consequences, it is apparent to EVERYONE at CHS. I have had several students share this sentiment: "I am glad to be graduating because I could not stand to watch this school fall any farther. It is sad to know that administration has given up on CHS being a great school. Students know that nothing is going to happen if they do something wrong. I am embarrassed to see and hear the things that go on in this school and the way that teachers are treated."
Finally, I will point out that the effort that is being made to 'protect' the image of our school by minimizing disciplinary action and consequences is completely political and absolutely hurting ALL of the students. We do need and should have rehabilitative and restorative practices in place, but we don't. Instead, we simply avoid following policy, enforcing rules, and implementing consequences that would have a meaningful and lasting impact on our school community and students.

Unless something changes and action is taken SOON, I am worried that something significant is going to happen at CHS. I am truly concerned for our safety (students and teachers) and believe that our climate is 'smoldering.' Because so much is kept quiet and swept under the rug, people on the outside have no idea what it is really like at CHS. Even certain populations and classes at CHS are not aware, simply because they are removed from the students who cause most if the problems and are not exposed to many of these negative behaviors. But make no mistake about it- the behaviors have become increasingly more violent, vulgar, threatening, and common. Many teachers think more about their exit plan and surviving each day than they do about what they can do to help their students and make CHS a better place. Most of our kids are good kids, but there is a population of students who destroy the morale, respect, and community and negate all of the good things about our school.

There is NO DISCIPLINE in this building. Students can fight, curse a teacher out and are back in class the next period or day. A student can cut an entire marking period & only get a Saturday detention & NO credit denial letter sent home. Last week we had at least 6-8 fights in 1 week, and those students were back in class the next day. My worst year ever at CHS!!!!

The learning environment is disrupted every day in various ways.  I don't enjoy coming to work anymore.  Parents would be appalled if the saw the things kids are getting away with both in and out of the classroom.

No at the present time. We still have 5 months of school and it will be a long uphill battle.

We need to stop being afraid to enforce discipline at our school.  This year more than any other year students have become unafraid to do whatever they want and it is bleeding into the classroom environment.  I have never been more stressed and on edge than this year and it is because our school is out of control and I feel there is nothing I can do about it and our administration is trying to pretend that one hall sweep a week (where we warn students it's going to happen, and then warn them again when they get caught) will solve the problems we are currently facing.

A Dean for discipline and a school parent liaison would be helpful in maintaining and improving attitudes of students and school climate.


1.  There is a problem with admins who take the words of students over those of teachers.
2.  The library is used as a playground, holding cell, whatever you want to call it.  When tech has no class, all the students are sent to the library.  When there is no sub for a class, all the students are sent to the library.  And this happens without notice.
3.  The library has become an extension of the cafeteria during lunch periods.  For lack of any support, I have started to close the library earlier than usual to keep the decorum of the room.
4.  Security has been supportive in as many ways as they can and they are greatly appreciated.

I'm concerned that the questions that asked you respond "yes" and explain to something that is supposed to happen may lead to more negative responses.

I covered (name redacted) emotional support class last week. There were five students. The behavior of all five students was disturbing and beyond the regular classroom environment. Three students were ready to fight each other. It was a tense situation.

I would like a policy in place outlining steps we can take immediately if a student is being disruptive in the classroom and won't stop, and is interfering with the learning of the other students in the classroom.

The building is scary.

EVERY STAFF MEMBER SHOULD SEND DR MARSEILLE AND/OR DR. MCFALL A POSTCARD.  The issues are not being addressed. This environment is getting worse by the day. I don't understand how and why they ignore so many issues. Why aren't students getting arrested for drugs.

The hallway atmosphere has set the tone for this school. Nothing can be done to better the climate unless rules and consequences are enforced.

I have been appalled at some of the behavior that I have seen in our hallways- I have seen and reported males smacking girls on the bottom. The fact that we allow said behaviors is incredibly dangerous. Hallway climate in between classes/during classes and after school has allowed many students to feel as though this is the norm. This in itself is creating a false idea of how an adult must behave in public far after high school.


Not addressing this behavior will only continue to erode what we are attempting to do with our students (in and out of the classroom) and will ultimately undermine anything we do in our school community.

1. How is it that having an IEP this year is a magic shield from all consequences when it was not in the past. That is what I have been told over and over again by principal and administrators.
2. How does our school just sit by and watch students choose not to get an education and abandon them to that poor choice? Day after day, period after period.
3. How many times, when asking for help, have the tables been turned on the teacher and he or she is suddenly answering what THEY have done to help the student?
4. Good question our dept. has encountered: How many times have you sent an email to an administrator requesting help and never gotten a reply?

Thanks for doing this!!

An alternative school should be held after school, not during the day. This allows for alternative students to attend tech and/or have a job during the day. An after-school program eliminates the disruptions these students cause during the day. In addition, we can save money by bringing students back that have been assigned to outside placements.