'Twas eighteen days before Christmas and audiences were in for a treat: Lindenwold High School put on the holiday classic Miracle on 34th Street! With a phenomenal crew and a talented cast this holiday special brought memories to last.

Based on the 1947 award-winning film and the novel by Valentine Davis, the play Miracle on 34th Street follows Doris Walker and her daughter Susan as they meet a real-life Kris Kringle. Despite being set in the 1940s, the themes of the Christmas story are relevant to this day.

Adapting a film for the stage is a difficult task, but the students at Lindenwold High School overcame the challenge. A high level of energy is crucial for any show, but a Christmas show requires zest and liveliness that only youth can bring. So, the incorporation of elementary and middle schoolers from the community enhanced the performance immensely.

Among the high schoolers in the show, there were clear stand-out performers. Romantic leads Doris Walker and Fred Gailey were perfectly portrayed by Jesica Counts and Dylan Bernard. The two characters easily could become superficial, but the young actors added true emotion to the roles which made the miraculous story seem all the more real.

Between the jolly Kris Kringle played by Alexjon Martinelli, the adorable and comical Miss Adams played by Shana Dixon, and two waggish mailroom clerks played by Adriana Morales and Sarah Astor, there was no shortage of talent in this cast! Each actor created his or her character with precision and creativity.

However, Lindenwold's most noticeable talent rests in the hands and minds of its designers. The fabulous set captured the Christmas spirit and, with over fifteen set changes in the first act alone, the crew behind the set's construction and movement deserves a great deal of praise. Also, Lindenwold student Zach Moore crafted a logo for the cover of the program, the posters, and even t-shirts that captured the essence of the show and the Christmas spirit.

So as Christmas approaches, you know where to go. Whether Santa is real or not, we might never know, however, we know something that is very, very clear. Lindenwold's production of Miracle on 34th Street spread so much holiday cheer!