The School District of Philadelphia
Office of Communications
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Contact: Shana Kemp

November 28, 2010


The School District's primary goal is to tend to the needs of students attending our schools. Safety is paramount for our children, our staff and our visitors. Under the powers granted to the School Reform Commission (SRC), the School District has broad discretion concerning procurement. In the matter reported today, the School District decided to rely on its authority to structure this procurement contract on an emergency basis in order to expedite the installation of security cameras in the School District's 19 persistently dangerous schools, consistent with the School District's procurement policies and the School District's Safe Schools Initiative. A recent Safe Schools audit determined that surveillance cameras, and other changes in practice, are a key element to enhancing school climate under Project: Safe Schools.

Both the School Reform Commission and the Superintendent have emphasized that qualified Minority and Women Businesses (MWBE) should have ample opportunity to provide services to the school district. IBS, one such MWBE, is certified by the city and the company has a wealth of experience. They are qualified to do the work that we tasked them to do. They have been recognized for their work in the Delaware Valley and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with their team of experts.