WEST CHESTER - County residents in need of warm clothes this season will benefit from the more than 500 items that high school students and a state representative have collected and donated to the county Crime Victims Center.

On a recent cold day, a 4-year-old girl arrived at the center without socks, hat, or gloves. She got what she needed thanks to the drive, said Brooke Hedderick, managing supervisor at the center. "It was like it was Christmas to her," Hedderick said.

She said she had seen more children at the center asking for warm clothes instead of toys.

From Oct. 21 to Dec. 6, Rep. Duane Milne (R., Chester) teamed with students at Great Valley High School, his alma mater, to collect toddler clothes and gloves, hats, and coats for children and adults.

"To be able to provide warmth and comfort to those who have suffered as a result of an act of crime is truly rewarding for me and captures the essence of the season," Milne said in a statement.

- Michaelle Bond