Lately there's been talk about a religion that allows polygamy, so that a man can have as many wives as he pleases. I think this may be a radical form of the religion, but it's on a TV show, so maybe it's only an HBO form of the religion.

But that's not my point.

My point is, where is the religion that allows a woman to have as many husbands as she pleases?

I could get very religious about a religion like that, but there isn't one. It's like the

Stepford Wives

, where the wives are robots who do everything to please their husbands. What I want to know is, where are the Stepford Husbands?

You know why it's set up this way. The book that started the religion was written by a man, and the book that started the

Stepford Wives

was written by a man.

Well, I write books, too. Can I start a religion?

In my religion, wives could have as many husbands as they wanted. So far, I've had as many ex-husbands as I wanted, but that's not the same thing.

You can see how my new religion would open up a world of possibilities. For example, in my life neither Strike One nor Strike Two was very handy around the house. So my first new husband would have to be handy. I'll call him Fix-it Hubby. I really like a guy who can fix the doorbell. Or that rubber thing inside the toilet tank that's supposed to flop up and down. Things have gotten so bad around my house that last week a friend of mine sent her husband over to fix that rubber thing.

That was when I turned to religion to solve my problems.

My second new husband would have to be sexy, and if you need me to tell you what he's for, you're new around here. I'll call him Sexy Hubby. Every woman has her own idea about what constitutes sexy, but mine involves chest hair. That's about it. I read that People magazine just named Matt Damon the sexiest man alive, but I beg to differ. Did you ever see him with his shirt off? Can you say "Ken doll"?

My third new husband would do chores, like take out the trash and unload the groceries. Chores are all I'd ever ask of this very lucky man. I hate to do chores, and who doesn't? I'll call him Chore Hubby. And my fourth new husband would have to be a great cook. It would be fun to have a husband who cooks, especially if he looks like chef Tom Colicchio on

Top Chef


I'll call him Tom Colicchio.

How great is this religion so far?

I think women would love this religion, and so would men. The advantages for women are obvious, but there are plenty of advantages for men, too. After all, it means that you husbands could avoid the more tiresome of your marital duties. For example, you could be Sexy Hubby and leave fixing the toilet to Toilet Hubby.

Or vice versa, if it's playoff season. You have to fix a toilet only once and it stays fixed, if you follow.

My new religion is also good for men because, frankly, I know a lot of women who are a Handful. Actually, I've figured out that I'm a Handful. So of course, any woman worth having is a Handful. But in my religion, all the hubbies could band together to keep the Handful happy, and that creates certain efficiencies and economies of scale, which is the kind of thing men love.

Because it leaves more time for the playoffs.

The other great thing about my new religion is that there would never be divorce. If you got sick of Toilet Hubby, you wouldn't have to divorce him, you could just marry Car-Inspection Hubby. It's really annoying to have to get the car inspected all the time, and you can never find your registration card. In fact, you could marry Registration Hubby, too. And Proof-of-Insurance Hubby.

Why not?

Then you wouldn't ever have to leave the bedroom.

If you follow.

Finally, the best thing about my religion would be who got worshiped. In the religion where you have tons of wives, they all worship the husband. And if you have lots of robot wives, they worship the husbands, too.

So you see where this is going.

Wanna join?