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Excerpts from the blogs of Inquirer critics.

Carla Bruni , performing in 2004.
Carla Bruni , performing in 2004.Read moreFRANCOIS MORI / Associated Press

Crossing the line?

From "Mirror Image"


Not sure how we feel about the T-shirts inspired by CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane's alleged bad behavior, and profane remark ("I don't give a - who you are I am a reporter . . .). But you see how fast the fashion industry can work when it wants to.

These tees with pursed red lips are available at Cafe Press ( Sweat suits and thongs, too. Another is available courtesy of Center City apparel company Nb2.

The tees are in the vein of the Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston shirts. Remember the tees that poked fun at Lindsay Lohan for her drunken driving offenses? That seems extra mean-spirited, if you ask me. Where are the tees that point out male celebrities' faux pas? Should we use fashion to poke fun, or just let folks hang themselves? Is this going too far? Would you wear these shirts? . . .

Anyway, when I saw this pic of Lane without makeup,

I thought about how regular she looked. An editor said she looked vampirish with a greenish complexion.

Then I thought about all the people who are beautiful but are a tad bit scary first thing in the morning - or worse, post-mugshot. On my list: Britney Spears. Lindsay Lohan. Vivica A. Fox. Oprah.

Who are some of the celebrities that surprised you when you caught a glimpse of them au naturel?

- Elizabeth Wellington

Star qualities

From Carrie Rickey's "Flickgrrl"


John Travolta strutting down the street in

Saturday Night Fever

. Julia Roberts dishing up pies - and attitude - in

Mystic Pizza

. Al Pacino shivering in

Panic in Needle Park


Denzel Washington's backtalk in



All of these actors had been around the block - Travolta and Washington, respectively, on the hit TV series

Welcome Back, Kotter


St. Elsewhere

- but in these privileged screen moments, a movie star was born.

Likewise when Ellen Page strolls through a Minneapolis neighborhood in


- an improbably upbeat comedy about the decidedly unfunny subject of teen pregnancy. It's been years since performer and performance so captivated me.

Is there a moment in your moviegoing life that you fell in love with an actor you'd never before seen or appreciated?

French connection

From Dan DeLuca's "In the Mix"


French President Nicolas Sarkozy is going where Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump have gone before, dating Italian supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni. Don't laugh about the "singer" part: Bruni's 2003

Quelqu'un M'a Dit

debut, sung almost entirely in French, was surprisingly charming. Her new album, the English- speaking

No Promises

, however, misguidedly sets poems like W.H. Auden's "At Last the Secret Is Out" to music, and is not so fetching. What's next, George Bush making time with Carrie Underwood? Gordon Brown going out with Amy Winehouse?